Lamina Guided Retainers

Guided Retainer

Minimal downtime is crucial to the metal stamping industry, precision and strength are more important than ever.

Superior Guidance

Compact Design

Occupy less space in the die than traditional pin, bushing, and spool pad retainer combinations. Guide and retain the pressure pad or stripper plate in progressive stamping dies or use on lifter rails. Machining is only necessary on one side of the pad, reducing tool cost and the potential for additional setup errors.


Better Handling of Side Loads

Improved design allows for superior loads and strength at the pad. The hardened load plates provide greater strength at the pad, meaning no need to check for loose screws and no broken screws falling into the tool. This design is complemented by versatile mounting styles, for design flexibility and additional room in the die working area.

compact design

Superior Guidance

A one-piece pin and solid aluminum bronze bushing with graphite plugs, delivering longer product life and eliminating the need to add extra pins and bushing, thereby reducing component and machining costs.


Dayton Lamina has been delivering precision stamping components across multiple industries for over 100 years. Our industry leadership and expertise assisted us in creating our Guided Retainers, which offer many improvements over traditional metal stamping dies, addressing industry requirements, and providing enhanced value for the customer.

The Lamina Guided Retainer assembly design improves the guiding, reduces tool maintenance, and reduces the overall tooling costs. Learn about Guided Retainers and how these helped one of our customers improve their production capabilities and minimize expensive downtime. 

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The Lamina Advantage

Greater Shear Load capabilities from axial loads and side loads due to pin engagement in pad and hardened steel load plates. We do not rely on socket head cap screws to absorb the loads in the pad.

Optional Mounting of Bushing on either side of plate for additional clearance, solving design issues

Now available in five diameter sizes:
1.00, 1.25, 1.50, 1.75, and 2.00 Inch

Local US Manufacturing for fast turnaround times

Tight Assembly Tolerances
Superior guiding, with the same guide pin and bushing clearance as traditional pins and bushings which gives greater positional accuracy

Strength at the pad

  • Accomplished with hardened steel load plates
  • No Socket Head Cap Screw threaded into the pin
  • Added Strength at the Pin with unique one-piece construction.

Bronze Graphite-Plugged Bushing

  • Longer life
  • Self-lubricating
  • No galling

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