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Usage Policy for Images

All publications, logos, drawings and photos (further known as 'images') produced by Dayton Lamina Corporation are protected by copyright. These images are the valuable assets of Dayton Lamina Corporation. Dayton Lamina Corporation reserves the right to prohibit any use of its images.

You have been given permission to use these images in your own documents (distributed in print or online) under the following conditions:

  1. You are an authorized subsidiary, distributor, vendor, promoter or advertiser of Dayton Lamina Corporation products or services.
  2. Any image must explicitly promote the appropriate products or services of Dayton Lamina Corporation. The image may not be used to represent or endorse the product or service of another. Images used in a publication that includes products or services of others must be uniquely identified as being a product or service of Dayton Lamina Corporation.
  3. A copy of your publication or directions to an online resource should be approved by Dayton Lamina Corporation prior to presentation to the public.
  4. Images may not be altered without the written consent of Dayton Lamina Corporation. Derivative images may not be made from images from Dayton Lamina Corporation.
  5. This 'Acceptable Use Policy' document must accompany all copies of the artwork you have received from Dayton Lamina Corporation and keep on file.
  6. Use of images must not indicate a false association with or an endorsement or sponsorship by Dayton Lamina Corporation.
  7. Images must not be used to make a false or misleading statement about the products or services of Dayton Lamina Corporation.
  8. The images may not be used to unfavorably or disparagingly present products or services of Dayton Lamina Corporation.
  9. A Dayton Lamina Corporation trademark may not be used without the express written consent of Dayton Lamina Corporation.
  10. Images may not be re-distributed to any other party except to function as an element in the publication of your document.

Any questions about the use of images from Dayton Lamina Corporation should be directed to:
Dayton Lamina Corporation
Marketing Services
500 Progress Road
PO Box 39
Dayton, OH 45449-0039 USA
(937) 859-5111 Phone
(937) 859-5353 Fax

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