Punches & Die Buttons

Punches & Die Buttons

Dayton Progress offers a full line of "standard" punches and die buttons that can be used in a wide range of process applications.  These include a variety of point shapes, profiles, forms and configurations to meet your manufacturing needs. These are available in all product lines, which include:

  • Versatile
  • Kommercial (Press-Fit)
  • Ball Lock
  • TuffPunch®
  • VersaPlus®
These are punches


Dayton Progress "standard" Punches are available in multiple sizes and a variety of point shapes. In addition to our ten standard point shapes, Dayton Progress punches can also be ordered with a variety of "standard" Classified Shapes. Available in A2, M2, and Powdered Steel, and with a large array of coating options and alterations, Dayton can manufacture the punch to suit your needs.


These are die buttons

Die Buttons

Dayton Progress Die Buttons are available in headed or headless versions, as well as with either a counterbore or tapered relief.  Die Buttons can be ordered per your required specifications, or with a matching punch.  Just define your required per-side clearance value and Dayton will manufacture the hole to suit.


These are form shapes

Form Punches & Buttons

Dayton Progress offers a full line of "standard" Form Punches and Die Buttons. Instead of ordering as "specials," these can be ordered with a simple "W" designator.

  • Faster turnaround time.
  • No waiting for special quotes.
  • No drawings or CAD files are required.
  • Punches available in:
    • Inch/Metric
    • Headed & Ball-Lock
  • Die Buttons available in:
    • Inch/Metric
    • Headed & Headless


These are retainers


Dayton Progress' line of retainers offers you multiple options to house your punch and die buttons.  Our True Location and True Position Retainers can be mounted with screws from either top or bottom, eliminating the need to build one-of-a-kind retainers.

If you need a retainer block to house multiple punches and Die buttons, our Multi-Position Retainers can do the job. Provide us with the locations and hole types wanted and Dayton will manufacture the retainer you need.

Do you need to manufacture various hole patterns? Try our Change Retainers. With a retractable feature that allows the punch to retract up far enough to avoid contact with the material, you can now change hole patterns in a matter of minutes, and sometimes, even seconds.

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