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Rotary Benders

Easily-configured Posi-Bend™ Rotary Bender units are engineered to be less complex and less costly than wipe tooling. Rotary bending provides more consistent metal forming without wasting material on tests and regrinds.

  • Lowers tooling costs
  • Reduces setup time
  • Produces bends over 90°
  • Eliminates cam tooling to produce over bends
  • Flexible and interchangeable
  • Requires lower tonnage than traditional wipe tooling

Broad assortment of benders includes

  • Standard
  • High production
  • Compact
  • Channel
  • hat bends
  • Interlaced
  • large radius
  • Short leg
  • Over square
  • Under square
  • Zee bend

We make many custom benders for

  • Heavy duty, thicker materials
  • Right angle bending
  • Sequential
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