Ball Lock Punches, Pilots, Die Buttons, and Retainers

Quick Replacement Perforating Tools

  • Saves Time-Use where quick replacement within the press is desired
  • Vast Variety of Sizes-Inch and Metric standards give complete size availability worldwide
BallLock line drawing

Highly standardized Dayton Ball Lock products are used in high volume applications where dies are large and cannot be easily removed for maintenance. The ball lock concept allows for the convenient replacement of worn punches and buttons without removing the die from the press, saving many hours of downtime. Punches and buttons are completely interchangeable, allowing quick and easy replacement.

Our True Position® Ball Lock retainers are performance proven, having been accepted by over a dozen automobile manufacturers around the world as their standard retainer. Accurate punch-to-die alignment-Precise alignment maximizes punch life, reduces downtime and produces a higher quality part.

  • Only one dowel needed for round punches-Reduces machining time
  • Precision ground ball hole-assures repetitive alignment of shaped punches, even if retainer needs to be replaced.
  • True Position retainers are CAD/CAM compatible-Simplifies your die design process

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Change Retainers

When change over needs to be completed in minutes not hours, check out Dayton's new Change Retainer. It's available for ball lock and head type punches. Change retainers are used where different hole patterns are required. Various hole patterns can be accomplished without the need for multiple dies. Different parts, such as right and left hand can be run in one die. BallLock Retainers

Reversible Change Retainers—for Ball Lock Punches

The BRAR Reversible Change Retainer is a unique air cylinder type change retainer that gives you the ability to change holepunching patterns quickly and easily.

The BRAR holds the punch in two different locations: one, the NAAMS™ standard location; two, 12mm closer to the front of the retainer. (See drawings for holder configurations.)

This design allows a variety of punch configurations (e.g., right- and left-hand parts); the punch holder can be quickly and easily reversed, then changed back; and lead wires (attached to the control panel) show the on/off status of the cylinder.

US Patent # 7,204,181

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