Firm Delivery Schedule for Punch & Die Products

This delivery schedule applies to made-to-order Dayton Progress punch and die products. For delivery options for all Dayton Lamina products, please see your Dayton Lamina distributor or log into your account on

Faster, more dependable delivery

Dayton's FDS service - a unique Dayton customer benefit since 1957 - is the best delivery service in the industry.

Our turnaround times are quicker, and our delivery is consistent: You can depend on it.

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Using our standard FDS delivery service, you can order products to accommodate JIT (just-in-time) manufacturing schedules - helping increase productivity and keeping inventory levels low.

Using our "NIN" and "SOS" emergency delivery services, we can provide same or one-day shipment on many products in sufficient quantities to meet critical last-minute production schedule changes.

"FDS or Free!" on NIN (Need-It-Now) orders

All NIN orders are shipped same day, or shipping and product costs are free.

Our promise:

If we fail to meet our NIN FDS schedule for any reason - regardless of the specified time or number of products - all items shown on that order are shipped FREE of charge. No questions. No hassles. It's free.

NOTE: FDS refers to the number of working days to shipment, following receipt of your order. The day of receipt is not counted as a working day. Dayton Lamina will make split shipments of all orders containing specials. Standard items will be shipped per FDS. Specials will be shipped separately per an acknowledged copy.


Standard Priority Delivery


Catalog Products
Inch & Metric
Working Days to Shipment
Product LineQuantityRoundStd. ShapesClassified ShapesRoundStd. ShapesClassified ShapesRound
Ball Lock1-193353333
Point Larger Than Shank1-19445----
*All Lines Above20-49+2+2+2
*On shipments of 20 or more, add the number of days shown to the lowest stated delivery time in each column to obtain the total number of days to shipment.

All orders must be received by 5:00 p.m. ET.

Standard retainer orders received by noon ET shipped same day.

 Surface Coatings & Treatments
Product Line
EDM Button Blanks 
D ≤ 1.001
1.00 < D ≤ 1.50
(with XP, add 2 Days)
D > 1.50
(with or without XP)
Jektole® Components1
Ball Lock Accessories1


Emergency Rush Delivery



Specify "NIN" (Need-It-Now) for same day shipment
Quantities 1-9
 Inch products only
  • A2, M2 catalog round and standard shaped punches, Point Larger Than Shank Punches (1-3 pcs. - no alterations), including locking devices and the following alterations: XP, XW, XB, XL, LL, XT, TT, XH
  • A2, M2 catalog round Versatile buttons, including the following alterations: XP, XB, XL, LL, XT, TT, XH


  • All alterations not shown above
  • Extended Range products
  • Versa/plus®
How:NIN orders must be entered by FAX (800-329-0081), email (, or telephone.
When:Orders received by 1:00 p.m. ET will be shipped the same day. Orders received after 1:00 p.m. ET will be changed to SOS, and shipped the following day.
Shipment:Advise fastest shipping method, FOB Dayton.
Cost:A service charge of 50% will be added to each line item on the order.



Specify "SOS" (Super Order Service) for next day shipment
Quantities 1-19 (Classified Shapes 1-9 pieces)
  • A2, M2 catalog products, including most standard alterations.


  • Extended Range products
  • Versa/plus®
  • XJ alterations
  • XBB & X3B alterations
  • XSC alterations to buttons
  • All coating alterations to all products
How:SOS orders must be entered by telephone or FAX (800-329-0081).
When:Orders will be shipped the next working day.
Shipment:Advise fastest shipping method, FOB Dayton.
Cost:A service charge of 25% will be added to each line item on the order.

Schedules apply to all steels in both inch and metric products, unless otherwise specified.

Exceptions (1-19 pcs.):

  • Metric Buttons are FDS plus two days.
  • PS button: 2 days.
  • Larger than standard P on EDM button blanks: 2 days.
  • 1.75 and larger buttons: 4 days.
  • 1.25, 1.50 buttons: 2 days.
  • 1.25 and larger round punches: 2 days.
  • 1.25 and larger shape punches: 4 days.
  • KPG countersink punches: 3 days.



This schedule applies to U.S. domestic orders.
For details on international shipping, contact us.