Bronze Plating Services

Lamina has been bronze plating precision die and mold components for over 50 years. Because of their standard high quality, Lamina Bronze plated components have long been known for their excellent wearability. Anchor Lamina has recently expanded its services to include bronze plating.

Lamina Bronze Plating


Today, Lamina's bronze plating facility in Bellaire, Michigan is one of the largest dedicated bronze plating facilities in North America.

Bronze Plating Facilities

Lamina's modern bronze plating facility uses automated rack plating. Our bronze plating operation provides a complete metal finishing service. We offer process services for chemical cleaning, aqueous washing, degreasing, and regular sand blasting.

Lamina specializes in the bronze plating of wear surfaces on low and high carbon steel. Our bronze plating line can accommodate single part weights up to 400 lbs. (180 kg) and a part size envelope of 36" x 36" x 96 " (900 x 900 x 2400 mm). Our bronze plating (80% copper 15% tin, 5% trace elements) process can attain a controlled plating thickness in the range of 0.001 to 0.025 inch (0.025 to 0.64 mm). Bronze plating hardness of 70 Rb can be achieved.

Lamina's Bronze Plating operations provides complete process control, quality, testing and chemistry for our in-house metal finishing and electroplating. Complete automotive, aerospace, military and commercial testing and approvals are available.

Bronze Plating Experience

Lamina has specific commercial bronze plating experience with the following part types and finishes.

  • Wear surface or sliding surface specialty
  • Protection against adhesive wear
  • Bronze plating on low and high carbon steel (ANSI 1018, 1026, 4140, 141, A36HR, 1117, etc.)
  • Bronze plating of hardened or soft steel
  • Bronze (80% Cu, 15% Sn, 5% trace elements)
  • Plating of bushing and bearing internal diameters from 5/8 inch (15.8mm) ID
  • Unfinished plating thickness 0.001 to 0.025 inch (0.025 to 0.64 mm)
  • Coefficient of friction 0.2518 on finished bronze plated surfaces
  • ID oil grooves and grease holes

Lamina Bronze Plating Benefits

Lamina bronze plated components meet or exceed industry requirements for bronze plating. Our team of industrial bronze plating specialists can provide know-how in the complete finishing process. Support is available for pre-treatment, cleaning, surface preparation and finishing. For new parts requiring bronze plating, our assistance is available.

Bronze Plating at a Glance

  • Wear surfaces
  • Protection against adhesive wear
  • Commercial Bronze (80% copper, 15% tin, 5% trace elements)
  • Bushing and bearing internal diameters
  • Rack plating
  • Automated line and small quantity specials
  • Part weight up to 400 lbs. (180 kg)
  • Part size envelope to 36" x 36" x 96" (900mm x 900mm x 2400 mm)
  • Bronze on low and high carbon steel
  • Yellow bronze (Cu-Sn)
  • Electroplating
  • Non decorative, industrial plating
  • Bronze wear surfaces on steel
  • Masking and select masking
  • Engineered metal finishing
  • Hardness of up to 70 Rb available
  • Unfinished thickness 0.001 inch to 0.025 inch (0.025mm to 0.64 mm)
  • Bronze Plating Process control
  • Improved wear resistance to extend useful component life
  • Impart special properties such as lubricity enhancement, non-stick surfaces, etc
  • Protection against adhesive wear
  • Flash Bronze Plating 0.0001 inch thick (0.0025 mm thick)


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