Component Lubrication

Ball Bearing Components

Recommended Lubrication

  • Pint BALL-LUBE™ spray # ARL0161
  • Gallon BALL-LUBE™ # ARL1281


  • Lubricates assemblies providing protection against wear, oxidation and rust
  • MSDS available upon request
  • Alternate/refined mineral oil of viscosity 220 cSt (@40°C), and 28.5 cSt (@100°C) containing "EP" additives and rust inhibitors.

Self-Lubricating Style Bushings or Wear Plates with Oil Impregnated Graphite Plugs

Recommended Lubrication

  • Light 20 wt. oil should be applied to pre-lube the wear surface of the bushing.


  • When bushing reaches 80-90 degrees F° because of friction between the components, oil is drawn from the plug thus lubricating the wear surface.

NEVER USE GREASE with the Self-Lubricating oil impregnated graphite plug products. Grease on the oil impregnated graphite plugs will prevent the self-lubricating process.

Plain Bearing Friction

Recommended Lubrication

  • Quart # 9-01-52
  • Gallon # 9-02-52
  • (5) Gallons # 9-02-520
  • (55) Gallons # 9-02-521


  • Above die lubricant is specially prepared to provide efficient lubrication for guide post in plain bearing applications.
  • Alternative, lithium complex white grease or multi-purpose grease.


MSDS is available here.

Recommendations are based on applications in typical ambient temperatures. For high / low temperature applications, a reputable Lubricant Company or lubrication specialist should be consulted.