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Versatile Precision Punches, Pilots, Die Buttons, & Retainers

Dayton Progress

Setting the Standard for Excellence

Dayton's Premier Line of Perforating Tools

  • Unyielding Quality Commitment- Increases tool life and minimizes maintenance costs
  • Superior Alignment- Better alignment means longer runs, less downtime, and better parts.
  • Precision Tolerance and Concentricity- Three times better than other punches
  • The Ultimate in Variety- A full line of standard metal stamping products in inch and metric sizes

The latest Versatile catalog is packed with products, including 80 Classified Shapes to help you save design time and money. Dayton's fast, accurate and dependable, Firm Delivery Schedule is shown on each product page. It tells you when your Versatile product will be shipped -- before you order!

Versatile Punches, Pilots, Die Buttons, and Retainers are built to exact tolerances and concentricity to provide superior alignment, better performance, longer runs, and less downtime. Dayton Versatile products are considered "top-of-the-line" by regular users, and are mainstays in heavy industries with high-demand applications, such as automotive and major appliance manufacturing.

International Catalogs:

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