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VersaPlus Premium High-Performance Punches

Dayton Progress

Premium High-Performance Punches & Pilots

If optimum performance is a MUST, this may be the only punch you'll ever need.

VersaPlus® Jektole, Regular, and straight punches are a premium line of precision, high-performance products that offer a full range of features and benefits to users in industries where higher-than-normal production runs occur—and where optimum performance is a MUST.

Standard features on all Dayton VersaPlus® punch products include precision concentricity between the point and the shank, resulting in better punch and die alignment. VersaPlus® products give you more standard features, increased wear resistance, less sharpening time, longer die runs, less downtime, lower maintenance costs, and exceptional value for your stamping dollar.

VersaPlus® pilots are ideal for tool designers, builders, and stampers that want the ultimate close tolerance, long lasting, accurate pilots in high production and high-strength materials. These pilots may also be used for extrusion applications.

Dayton's VersaPlus® premium product line includes: Jektole Punches (slug ejection punches); Regular Punches; Straight Punches; Pilots; and Locking Devices. Standard sizes and standard alterations are shown in this catalog within individual product sections.

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