Urethane Stripping and Forming Products

Sheets, Rods, Bars, Tubes, Springs

Closed End Punch Strippers

Closed End Urethane Strippers assure positive stripping and at the same time dampen punch vibration by gripping around the punch point. Since vibration can lead to premature punch failure, using DAYTON PROGRESS Urethane Strippers will increase overall punch life. The closed end feature holds thin stock flat during the stripping cycle, eliminating the problem of damaging the stock strip.

And that's not all...

Because of a unique curing agent, Dayton's Urethane Strippers develop more load-bearing capacity than similar urethanes. This special curing agent also contributes to consistent pressure ratings.

SMART-Strip™ Hard Face / Dual Durometer Urethane Strippers

  • Stamping shapes in thin material?
  • Stamping pre-painted material?
  • Short runs?
  • Piercing on angles or complex contours?
  • ...Any application where using a metal spring stripper is problematic or just not cost effective.

The answer is the new SMARTStrip. Available only from DAYTON PROGRESS.

The body of the closed-end punch stripper is made of flexible, softer urethane elastomer 95A, enabling deflections up to 15%.

The 75D durometer hard face is elastic, durable and does not mark the surface of the sheet metal or prepainted material.

The SMARTStrip works similar to a metallic spring stripper plate that is machined to match the face of the punch tip.

Unlike strippers that have a piece of plastic or metal glued to the end, the hard face on the SMARTStrip can not separate from the body.

Headed Strippers

  • Designed to comply with NAAMS™ (North American Automotive Metric Standard) & FORD World Standard.
  • The headed design prevents the strippers from falling into die.
  • Fits most makes of standard retainers for head type and ball lock type punches. Standard durometer: 95A

Headless Strippers

  • Ideal for punching odd shaped holes.
  • Assure positive stripping.
  • Increases punch life, as punch stripper supports the punch tip, by dampening the vibration of the punch, as it pierces the sheet metal.

Sheets, Rods & Bars

Urethane bars are specially-molded die-pads for press brake bending applications. Rods are used as strippers, pressure cylinders, in bulging applications, as tube bending mandrels, & for machining.


Advantages of urethane springs, open end strippers and tubes:

  • High pressures
  • Closer center distances
  • High tear resistance
  • Oil resistant
  • Punch vibration dampening
  • Easy installation and replacement - No need for set screws or stripper bolts
  • No shrapnellizing (flying to pieces, when fractured under load) thus preventing injury to worker and damage to the die.
  • Conventional heavy duty die springs obtain up to 500 lbs. per 1/8" deflection, compared to 2600 lbs. per 1/8" deflection on urethane springs.

NAAMS Standard

High load-bearing capacity, extraordinary toughness and high impact resistance characterize Dayton NAAMS™ compliant strippers. These features provide high stripping pressure, minimize abrasion and provide excellent wear resistance. The urethane compound prevents marring of metal surfaces and is perfect for pre-painted materials where the integrity of the surface can not be compromised.


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