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TuffPunch Durable, Long-Lasting Punches & Punch Blanks

Dayton Progress

Dayton's TuffPunch® offers heads-above-the-rest performance with durable, long-lasting punches and punch blanks.

TuffPunch punches and punch blanks are Kommercial quality products manufactured with thicker, larger, and 10° angled diameter heads, and are designed to reduce punch load and significantly lower failure rates when using heavy gauge and high tensile material. TuffPunch products are well-suited for high-demand industries where frequency and heavier-than-normal impact punching activity occurs and where optimum performance is required.

Unique Head Design:
All Dayton TuffPunch products are designed with a 10° angled head with a diameter equal to the shank diameter. This design allows the perforating forces to travel up from the shank and completely through the head. This eliminates the lateral shock waves that would otherwise put stress on the outer edge of the head, resulting in frequent failures - especially in heavy-duty applications. In addition, Dayton TuffPunch products are available in common shear angle configurations to reduce punch load and minimize the risk of slug pulling. Shear angle configurations include: chamfer, conical, double shear, and single shear.

TuffPunch® Retainers give you true dimensional accuracy each and every time!

Dayton True Location™ Retainers — the recognized industry standard — are now engineered for TuffPunch tooling. With all the features of the original True Location™ Retainer, this new retainer is designed to maximize the performance of your TuffPunch tooling. All TuffPunch® Retainers are available in both inch and metric sizes.