Reversible Change Retainers - Air Cylinder Type

The BRAR Reversible Change Retainer is a unique air cylinder type change retainer that gives you the ability to change hole-punching patterns quickly and easily.

The BRAR holds the punch in two different locations: one, the NAAMS™ standard location; two, 12mm closer to the front of the retainer.

This design allows a variety of punch configurations (e.g., right- and left-hand parts); the punch holder can be quickly and easily reversed, then changed back; and lead wires (attached to the control panel) show the on/off status of the cylinder.

NAAMS Standard Strippers

High load-bearing capacity, extraordinary toughness and high impact resistance characterize Dayton NAAMS™ compliant strippers. These features provide high stripping pressure, minimize abrasion and provide excellent wear resistance. The urethane compound prevents marring of metal surfaces and is perfect for pre-painted materials where the integrity of the surface can not be compromised.

Headed Strippers

  • Designed to comply with NAAMS™ (North American Automotive Metric Standard) & FORD World Standard.
  • The headed design prevents the strippers from falling into die.
  • Fits most makes of standard retainers for head type and ball lock type punches. Standard durometer: 95A

Headed NAAMS Strippers

FORMATHANE headed strippers fully meet the NAAMS™ standard. The closed-end design allows for custom matching of the stripper face to the shape of your punch.

The headed design prevents the stripper from falling off the punch and into the die.

Spring Cages

  • These spring cages enhance die spring life by providing a flat, hardened die pocket for spring operation.
  • Cages are available for metric and inch spring diameters from 3/4" - 2 (20mm - 50mm).
  • Accommodate standard metric and inch guiding rods and drill diameters.
  • Material: 0.049" / 1.245mm cold rolled steel.
  • Conforms to NAAMS standards