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Special Products


Special Products custom manufactured to your specifications

Lamina has made special components for as long as it has manufactured a standard product line. For over 50 years, Lamina specials have been made with precision and delivered with consistent quality.

Special Die Springs and Heavy Duty Compression Springs

Special die springs and compression springs can be manufactured to your specifications. Our special compression springs can be manufactured to your choice of material, size, tolerances, and coatings. We can manufacture to military specifications. We will provide special inspections, certifications, and testing as required.

See our Heavy Duty Compression Springs flyer for more details.

Special Wear and Guide Components

Our ball-bearing retainers and flat wear and guide components can also be supplied as specials. See our Specials Capabilities flyer for more details.

If one of Anchor Lamina's standard components is not suited to your application, we can manufacture a special to meet your exact needs. Our standard components can be modified to suit or we can create a new part to your exact requirements.

Specials can be manufactured outside the diameter and length size range normally found on our standard products. Our special components can include any standard product feature. Additional options can include surface finish, coatings, special materials and welding processes.

We offer a two-week turnaround on made-to-order special pins and bushings. Please give us an opportunity to quote to your requirements.