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Technical Assistance

We want to help you improve your productivity. Our knowledge is unparalleled in the industry. You can borrow on our experience to help you solve your metal stamping problems. Our global network of sales engineers and technical support personnel devote their skills to improving the performance of your operation. Download a Technical Assistance Request Form in PDF format or request help online.

Heat Treatment

The performance of a punch depends on factors other than size, concentricity, finish. The total performance is in direct relation to the quality of heat treatment. No company pays more attention to heat treat than we do. A Dayton metallurgist oversees all heat treat processes. Product performance improvements occur daily, as an ongoing development program for new improved heat treat processes is our goal to improve your production.

Metallurgical Lab Services

Dayton provides a wide range of metallurgical testing and analytical services in-house and to our distributor network, our subsidiaries, and end-users. These include raw bar stock evaluation (quality assurance prior to manufacturing), product development, and customer service (e.g., product/application failure analysis).


DAYTools™ simplifies die design for a broad range of CAD applications. DAYTools is a parameter-driven design tool that allows you to view and select products, specify dimensions, view in 3D, and export to your design application. DAYTools is now available for inch and metric designs. Get DAYTools now.

Technical Training

Dayton Lamina offers a large library of technical expertise. Our technical articles help you extend tool life for less downtime and longer production runs. Explore the library of technical articles.

Bronze Plating Services

Specializing in bronze plating on low and high carbon steel. Automated rack plating line can accommodate part weights up to 400 lbs. (180 kg) and a part size envelope of 36" x 36" x 96" ( 900 mm x 900 mm x 2400 mm).