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Screen display issues

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Systems with altered display settings may present errors in DAYTools. Form elements and buttons may not be correctly positioned or may not appear at all. The following may help to resolve display problems.

On the main screen for DAYTools, click on the Swiss Army knife icon in the lower right. Make sure that the box for "Enable Form Resize" is checked.

DAYTools Preferences


 In the Windows Control Panel, ensure that text is displayed at the default 100%.


Windows 7 Control Panel


 Newer versions of Windows may display this control like this:


Windows 10 Control Panel


Windows 8 introduced support for High DPI displays. You can toggle support for High DPI by right-clicking on the DAYTools program icon (on the desktop or in the Start menu). Choose "Properties" and then configure the "Compatibility" tab.


DAYTools Properties


For additional DAYTools support, please contact us.