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Dayton Lamina offers a variety of retainers for headed and ball lock punches.

True Position RetainersTrue Position Retainer

The interchangeable retainer that's become the industry standard.

  • In-line dowel guarantees precise punch-to-matrix alignment.
  • True Position retainers eliminate hand fitting and cut mounting time by nearly 50%
  • Shaped punches use the secondary dowel for precise alignment; round punches need only one.
  • The precision-ground ball hole assures perfect alignment of any punch shape.
  • Adaptability can cut your inventory requirements in half.

There are few things in this world you can depend on. This is one of them. We guarantee it.

Quality plays a vital role in our business. That's why we are willing to offer our unique two-way guarantee on all our True Position Ball Lock Retainers… that is if you buy a retainer that doesn't meet our published specifications, we will

  1. Replace the product and
  2. Refund your entire purchase price!

No other punch manufacturer offers this guarantee.


True-Position retainers can be found in the inch and metric Ball Lock catalogs.

True Position Retainers with Backing Plates

Dayton Single Punch True Position® Retainers—the recognized industry standard—are now available with an integrated hardened backing plate. With all the features of the original True Position® Retainer, this new retainer satisfies the needs of applications where more bearing surface is desired. All True Position® Retainers are available in both inch and metric sizes.

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Ultra Compact Retainer

Space-saving, timesaving retainers for round punches and pilots.

  • The industry's smallest interchangeable retainer-fit more holes into tight spaces.
  • Eliminate hand fitting-Simply pull the retainer from its box and screw it to the die set.
  • Single dowel in hardened backing plug-perfect alignment

Ultra Compact retainers can be found in the metric Ball Lock catalog.

Multi-Position Retainer-for Ball Lock Punches

Multi-Location Retainer-for Headed Punches

  • Eliminates the need for special retainer with long deliveries
  • Provides a simple, low-cost solution to building new dies
  • Standard FDS of 5 to 8 working days
  • Reduces price, design and build time.

Download the Retainer Order Form Multi-Position Retainer Order Form [74 kb]

Multi-Position retainers can be found in the inch and metric Ball Lock catalogs.

True Location

Single Head Type Retainer

  • Precise dowel location-allows CNC machining of punch
  • Dimensional accuracy-permits interchangeability

True Location retainers can be found in the metric Press Fit catalog, the inch Kommercial catalog, and the inch Versatile catalog.

Change Retainers

  • Air cylinder type for Ball Lock Punches
  • Air cylinder type for Headed Punches
  • Manual type for Headed Punches

Change retainers can be found in the metric Ball Lock and Press Fit catalogs.