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Put an End to Slug Jamming with Increased Taper Relief

XAR diagram

Tapered relief Versatile die buttons provide maximum die life and maintain excellent slug control. Versatile standard die buttons have a taper of ¼ degree per side. This taper has proved to work in most applications. There are times when more taper is desirable. More taper provides better evacuation of the slug when punching soft material. As soft slugs begin to stack they compress slightly and this causes expansion. The expanded slugs wedge in the tapered relief. This is normally not a problem when harder material is punched.

Slug expansion can occur when the hole diameter is close to being the same as stock thickness. This often occurs when punching very small holes. Normally larger holes, exceeding stock thickness, are not a problem.

You may want to consider an XAR alteration available from Dayton Lamina if:

  • You are experiencing slugs stacking in the relief of your dies.
  • You are designing a die that will punch soft material.
  • The ratio of stock thickness to hole diameter approaches 1:1.
  • Hole diameter is small.

This alteration will give you a 1-degree per side taper to minimize the potential for slugs stacking in the relief area.

XAR diagramImportant Note

If you are replacing old die buttons with new ones with the XAR alteration, you may not have a large enough clearance hole through your die. Although it is large enough to accept the slug, a "shelf" could be created because the bottom of the relief will be larger on the altered die button than on the standard die button you currently use.

Remember to specify XAR at the end of the catalog number.


VAX 50 137 P.312 XAR
VRO 37 100 P.230 W.156 XAR
DNX 16 25 P8.5 XAR