Posi-Strip Punch Stripping System

Posi-Strip units on retainers

Flat or Contoured Surface

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These easy-to-install self-contained strippers attach to standard catalog retainers with multiple spring pressure options. The compact robust design is ideal for newer high strength steels.

Cost-Effective Alternative to Custom Spring Strippers

Posi-Strip™ Features and Benefits

exploded viewThe Posi-Strip Punch Stripping System features a self-contained punch stripping unit for applications where large stripper plates or pads do not fit or cannot be shaped to custom contours. The compact, all-in-one design is a lower-cost alternative to custom built steel spring strippers. It is the ideal solution for holding material in compact spaces. Every punch can have its own designated stripper for more versatility and added flexibility within the die.

Each Posi-Strip unit utilizes its own custom spring, dependent on length and stripping force required. The soft bronze portion comfortably and closely encases the punch point for a clean stripping action that will not deform or damage the work piece during operation. The complete assembly is held together with a threaded backing plug that can be easily removed and restored without requiring special tools. With fewer assembly components, the self-contained unit minimizes the risk of lost items or tooling damage caused by displaced items.

Reduce setup and design time with an easily configured stripper. The small body and simple design make it easy to add to any die set that requires a unique punch stripping application.

A single product code gives you the stripper size, punch shape and force you need. The standardized catalog product code can be expanded to a custom contour defined in your CAD file, or you can order the stripper for your own in-house contour machining. This versatile product can be ordered as a standard catalog item, with no need to order as a special item.

Posi-Strip stripper units are easily paired to industry-standard Dayton punch retainers and can just as easily replace expensive strippers from other manufacturers. Posi-Strip is designed with a housing that mounts effortlessly to most industry standard retainers for a virtually unnoticeable footprint in the die.


  • 11 standard shapes, 77 classified shapes, and blank units available as standards
  • Four spring pressures available: Extra Light Duty, Light Duty, Medium Duty, and Heavy Duty
  • No special tools required for disassembly – standard spanner wrench is ideal
  • Standard design can be used up to a 15° pierce angle. Compact/Extended Reach design is ideal for smaller spaces


  • Low cost alternative to expensive custom-built spring strippers
  • One piece self-contained unit – No loose parts
  • Compact but durable design – Can be used in tight spaces
  • Fits industry-standard Dayton ball lock and headed retainers: BRT, BRTB, CRT, ART, ARTS, HRT, HRTB, LRT, VRT, & VRTS

CAD Data

Ready to place instantly in your design, CAD data for Posi-Strip Punch Strippers is available here.

Technical Information


Specify punch type and point shape for each unique Posi-Strip application. The bronze stripper is manufactured for 0.3 mm / .012 inch clearance per side.

The easy-to-order product code defines the stripper’s body length, bronze insert, and spring type. Custom contoured bronze inserts can be defined with a supplied CAD file or drawing/print.

Each Posi-Strip Punch Stripper comes with a compression spring. You can choose the pressure of the spring from Extra Light Duty, Light Duty, Medium Duty, and Heavy Duty.

The backing plug is used to locate the Posi-Strip unit with the punch shank.

The designed "F" length is critical. Altering the unit from the published "F" dimension may increase the chance of over-stroking. Over-stroking the unit could lead to premature or catastrophic failure.

Maximum deflection is specified on each Posi-Strip body. Compliance with this value is imperative to successful operation.

All spring data is lab tested.

recessed plugInstallation

The Backing Plug utilizes two small holes to assist in the installation and removal. The unit can be easily disassembled with a common spanner wrench.

If a spring shifts off-center during removal of the backing plug, realign by lightly tapping the stripper on the punch.

Use the provided socket head cap screw to install the Posi-Strip Punch Stripper to the retainer. The socket head cap screw fits in an elliptical mounting hole for flexibility when fastening to the retainer.

For proper fitting to the retainer, ensure that the Backing Plug is recessed below the surface of the stripper. Damage will occur if the backing plug is not recessed.

contourCustom Contour Bronze Insert

The bronze insert can be manufactured to contours specified in your CAD file or drawing/print. The contour can be up to 3 mm or .118 inches.

Spanner Wrench

Posi-Strip Punch Strippers are designed to be easily disassembled with common tools like a spanner wrench.


Catalog # 886483

Replacement Springs

Each Posi-Strip Punch Stripper comes ready-assembled with a spring. To order replacement springs or select from optional stripping forces, see pages 10-11 in the catalog.



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