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Plain Bearing Components


LamGlide® Bushings

The LamGlide® bushing is a premium bushing designed for the most demanding applications. Its unique patented liner provides superior wear resistance over bronze and steel. The LamGlide® bushing is maintenance free and operates burr and wear filing free. It can be used anywhere linear or vertical motion is required.

LamGlide® Bushings have outstanding physical, mechanical and chemical properties that include self-aligning, dimensional stability, is tolerant to edge loading, chemical resistance, and lightweight material.

Stress Test Comparison LamGlide® vs other bushings

Description: Various bushing makes were field tested on the same Lift Mechanism within a Progressive Die. Operators did not lubricate the bushings.


Bushing Types Field Test Life Cycle
NO LUBRICATION after installation
Hardened Steel Drill Bushing * failure after 10,000-20,000 cycles
Bronze Self-Lubricating Bushing * failure after 50,000-60,000 cycles
LamGlide®   greater than 1.8 million cycles
(no failure yet)

*Note - with regular lubrication maintenance, life of bushing is significantly increased.

Conclusion: LamGlide® Bushings are ideal for high production environments where operators do not lubricate the bushings at regular intervals or where lubricant contamination, debris or byproducts are undesirable.


  • Aerospace
  • Medical Equipment
  • Automation
  • Tool & Die
  • Metal Stamping
  • Production Machinery
  • Farm Equipment
  • Consumer Goods
  • Sports and Fitness Equipment

The LamGlide® bushing is available in standard sizes from 3/4 to 3 inch and metric sizes (from 18 mm to 80 mm). Custom sizes are available. Internal diameters will be manufactured in accordance with Lamina's Class 3 tolerance grade unless otherwise specified.

D1 Nominal
Pin Diameter
Class 3
Bushing I.D.
3/4 0.7510
7/8 0.8760
1 1.0010
1-1/4 1.2510
1-1/2 1.5010
1-3/4 1.7512
2 2.0012
2-1/2 2.5018
3 3.0023
3-3/4 3.7528
4-1/2 4.5035

Die Components

A complete line of die pins and die bushings with over 1,000 product items are available. Bushings are available in the following material choices: bronze plated steel , bronze, bronze self-lubricating and steel. Class 1, class 2 and class 3 fit tolerances are available. Bushings are available in sizes to accommodate pins of up to 5 inch (125 mm) diameter and 60 inches (1470 mm) in length.

Die Components include shoulder bushings, guide bar bushings, precision bearings, running fit bushings, straight type guide pins, shoulder type guide pins, removable type guide pins, stripper guide pins and bushings, NAAMS guide bushings, NAAMS pad bushings, NAAMS guide posts, demountable guide pins, and metric short/standard/long/extra long guide pins.

See the Round Die Products catalog for complete specifications.

Mold Pins and Bushings

Self Lubricating Die and Mold Bushings

Lamina's mold pins and bushings catalog features shoulder bushings, straight bushings, ejector bushings and leader pins. Bushings are available in bronze plated, hardened steel, self lubricated styles in both metric and imperial sizes. Precision-ground steel leader pins are available in both imperial and metric sizes.

See the Round Mold Components catalog for specifications.

Special Pins and Bushings

Manufactured Special Pins, Posts and Bushings

If one of Anchor Lamina's standard pins or bushings is not suited to your application, we can manufacture a special to meet your exact needs. We offer a two-week turnaround on made-to-order special pins and bushings. Our ball-bearing retainers and flat wear and guide components can also be supplied as specials. See our Specials Capabilities flyer for more details.