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Pins & Bushings

Pins and Bushings
Dayton Lamina manufactures straight and demountable pins, bushings and ball-bearing retainers of all sizes that are precisely ground and thoroughly checked to assure complete interchangeability and eliminate the necessity of select fitting.

Completely interchangeable! Select fitting unnecessary.

  • Guided Retainers
  • Short Shoulder Die Bushings
  • Standard Shoulder Die Bushings
  • Long Shoulder Die Bushings
  • Extra Long Shoulder Die Bushings
  • Precision Die Bushings
  • Ball-Bearing Die Bushings
  • Guide Bar Die Bushings
  • Bronze Plated Die Bushings
  • Solid Steel Die Bushings
  • Solid Bronze Die Bushings
  • Self Lubricating Die Bushings
  • Straight Bushing
  • Running Fit Bushing
  • Heat Treated Running Fit Bushing
  • Non-Heat Treated Running Fit Bushing
  • Self Lubricating Bushings
  • Guide Bushing
  • Steel Guide Pins and Posts
  • Straight Guide Pins
  • Press Fit Guide Pins
  • Removable Guide Pin
  • Demountable Guide Pin
  • Ball-Bearing Guide Pin
  • Mold Pins
  • Leader Pins
  • Standard Ball-Bearing Retainers
  • Ball-Bearing Assemblies