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Ball Bearing Guiding Systems: Inch and Metric


Ball-Bearing Components

Standard Ball-Bearing Components

Ball Bearing Components Pins and BushingsA complete line of ball-bearing components in both imperial and metric sizes is available. Stock bushing and retainer sizes are available to accommodate pins of up to 3 inch diameter and 20 inches in length. Lamina ball-bearing retainers are made from a heat treated aluminum alloy that combines lightness and strength. Ball-bearings are placed in retainers in an off-line radial pattern that offers optimum life in high or low speed presses.

Lamina has over 750 ball-bearing components to choose from in inch and metric sizes. The Ball-Bearing Products catalog includes ball-bearing retainers, straight sleeve bushings, demountable shoulder bushings, straight guide posts, and demountable guide posts.

See the Ball-Bearing Products catalog for specifications and operating data.

Ball Scrub for Pins and Bushings

Try Lamina Ball-Lube™ and Ball-Scrubb™. Lamina Ball-Lube™ and Ball-Scrubb™ will keep your ball-bearing guide pin assemblies operating efficiently. Lamina Ball-Scrubb™ removes heavy soils, dirt and grease from ball-bearing guide pin assemblies. Ball-Lube lubricates assemblies and gives them longtime protection against wear, oxidation and heat. Lamina Ball-Lube and Ball-Scrubb™ are available in 1 pint spray bottles, 1 gallon and 5 gallon quantities.

See the Ball-Bearing Products catalog for part numbers.