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Lempcoloy Plain Bearing Bushings


These unique hard coated aluminum bushings have the surface hardness of case hardened steel. An electrochemical process is used to increase the corrosion resistance of the bushings. As a result of this Hard Anodized process, they are also non-conductive, so they may be used for electrical discharge machining. They have a hard surface that is highly resistant to wear and not subject to magnetization. These bushings are for clean room and EDM applications and should not be used in any stamping operation wherein a lot of contaminants are generated.

Lempcoloy® bushings do not require lubrication and therefore are not provided with the conventional figure-eight oil grooves and fittings. While these bushings do not require lubrication, we recommend you apply a light mist of spindle oil prior to assembly and spray lightly prior to each press run.

Lempcoloy® bushings are designed to be installed by tap fitting to seat flush with the ground surface of the punch holder. They are assembled with toe clamps and screws. These bushings must not be pressed in or honed. These Lempcoloy® bushings will work well when used with Lamina plain bearing guide posts.

  • Unique bearing material with exceptional wear resistance
  • Hardness rating 60 - 70 on the Rockwell C Scale
  • Self lubricating thus useable in applications where lubrication would cause contamination
  • Non-corrosive, not subject to magnetization and also dielectric
  • Excellent heat resistance with very low thermal conductivity and expansion