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Manufacturer of Die Components, Die Springs and Die Accessories

Quality, precision, and dependability are the requirements of today's production processes, from ultra-high speed stamping technology to computer manufacture.

Lempco manufactures die set guiding components and die springs to provide you with advantages in precision and performance that are available nowhere else.

LEMPCO is meeting the needs of customers by matching improvements in design, materials and manufactures with the highest precision level available to the industry!

Company Profile

Lempco is an internationally recognized manufacturer of guidance systems for the metal stamping industry. Long recognized as the standard for excellence in the industry, and known for their extremely high quality and reliability, Lempco's die components are in demand worldwide.

Lempco Industries began as Lake Erie Metal Products Company in 1917 when Mr. James F. Strnad started a small machine shop to work on government projects during World War I. Following the war, the company found an ever growing demand for automobile replacement axles. From this beginning, the product line expanded to include a wide variety of Industrial products distributed throughout the United States and foreign countries.

During World War II, Lempco developed the “Hypermatic Press”. It was used to manufacture defense products and ran at a high speed, capable of producing 7,200 pieces per minute or 3,456,000 pieces per eight hour shift.

The incomparable speed of the Hypermatic Press required a die set design which no one before envisioned. Lempco introduced its patented ball bearing die set in 1945. From this time forward, the stamping industry would never be the same.

The innovative ball bearing guidance system offers both stampers and die makers the following advantages over the common plain bearing system:

  • Registers the die more accurately providing precision parts, longer die life and less maintenance.
  • Ease of assembly or disassembly of the punch holder and die holder providing higher precision dies and reduced die building time.
  • Longer stamping runs (millions of strokes) providing less maintenance down time.
  • Minimizes replacement of guidance components.

In 1963, Lempco introduced the unique “Lempcoloy” plain bearing lubrication free bushing. It has qualities far above those of steel, bronze, or bronze plated bushings:

  • High tensile strength with glass-hard wear-resistance.
  • Extremely low coefficient of friction.
  • No lubrication required (This product is used widely by the food processing industry).
  • Dielectric (Facilitates EDM machining).
  • Excellent thermal conductivity.
  • Corrosion resistant.

Lempcoloy® self-lubricating bushings, standard and short shoulder, are available in 10 sizes starting with 1/2" inside diameter thru 3".

In 1987, continuing with its pioneering and innovative philosophy, Lempco introduced the Rotainer®, a multi-directional action guidance system to rotate as well as move vertically on the post. The Rotainer® possesses increased resistance to normal wear, is unaffected by high speed operation and offers precise die registration.

Lempco has proven experience in selecting metals, developing designs, and understanding the details of customer needs to ensure you receive cost-effective performance run after run. Lempco knows what it takes to keep you competitive today, and will continue to strive to keep you competitive into the next millennium.

Lempco's Improved Capabilities

  • Guide posts and bushings and all types of die springs are now manufactured in ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities
  • Special compression springs, die springs, and components
  • Expansive distribution network worldwide