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LamCam Roller Cams


Anchor Lamina Roller Cams are now available for your stamping die applications. The LamCam™ Roller Cams can be used for piercing, flanging, and trimming operations.

Anchor Lamina Roller Cams are designed to function at one million hits plus. These can be specified in four face widths of 63mm, 100mm, 150mm, and 200mm, with a maximum force of 150 kN (16.9 tons), and work stroke of 50, 75, or 95 mm. LamCam™ Roller Cams are adaptable to any mounting angle.

LamCam™ Roller Cams have a unique design and construction with total interchangeability of components. Additional features include:

  • Maintenance-free, aluminum-bronze alloy wear surfaces
  • Maximum mounting surface on slide face
  • Increased slide surfaces
  • Interlocking safety systems
  • Easy access to Return Spring

The LamCam™ Roller Cam tooling mount plate is readily accessible from the back. No disassembly of cam slide is required.

LamCam™ Roller Cams is available in two configurations:

  • LamCam™ Roller Cam
  • LamCam™ Roller Cam with fully assembled driver and positive return

Please see the LamCam™ Roller Cam Catalog for detailed specifications.

Roller Cam Sizes

Face Width 50mm 75mm 95mm
63mm yes yes no
100mm yes yes yes
150mm yes yes yes
200mm yes yes yes

Drivers for work angles from -15° to +50° are available in 5 degree increments.

Note: Drivers for negative or uphill work angles are only available with a 50mm work stroke.

Please see the LamCam™ Roller Cam Catalog for detailed specifications.

Solid Model Files

Engineering Solid model files are available for download. Files for LamCam™ Roller Cams are available in STEP format.

Component Interchangeability: Unique to Lamina Die Cams

Lamina aerial and die mount cams feature total interchangeability of components, ease of service, and off-the-shelf component availability. NAAMS cams share common slide, driver, base, and wear components that are interchangeable between aerial and die mounted cam styles. As a result, you benefit from a dramatically reduced parts inventory.