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LamCam Aerial and Die Mount Cams SlimCam 50 mm NAAMS Cams


NAAMS SlimCam 50mm Aerial Cam

With a true 50 mm width and a dynamic load rating of 4 tons(35.6kN), this robust cam is ideal for light and medium duty stamping die applications.

The new 50 mm design has already proven its robustness and durability in an automotive fender application. The compact cam design is ideal for arraying cams in an arc or circle pattern for piercing or trimming operations.

NAAMS SlimCam 50mm Die Mount Cam

The LamCam™ SlimCam™ 50 mm Die cams are available in Aerial and Die mount styles. Available work angles are 0 to 30 degrees for Die mount cams, and 0 to 75 degrees for Aerial cams. The shut height is 225 mm on both Aerial cams and Die mount cams. The LamCam™ SlimCam™ 50 mm features a compact footprint and a mechanically interlocked slide. The 4 ton rating is the highest in the field for 50 mm cams.

Anchor Lamina's LamCam™ SlimCam™ 50 mm cams meet NAAMS requirements.

For more information about the LamCam™ 50 mm cam, please see the LamCam™ Aerial Cams Catalog and the LamCam™ Diemount Cams Catalog.

LamCam™ Options

LamCam™ SlimCam™ aerial and diemount cams are now available with these Standard Cam Options:

  • Contour/Machining Cam Face
  • Extra Travel
  • Larger or Smaller Cam Face
  • Optional Fastening Flange/Smaller Footprint
  • Angles Specific to Application
  • Return Spring Kit Options
  • Shock Absorber/Accelerator Option
  • Adapter Plates
  • Higher Spring/Stripping Forces
  • Standard Cams without Drivers
  • Options for High Strength Steel

Solid Model Files

Engineering Solid model files are available for download. Files for SlimCams™ are available in STEP format.

Component Interchangeability: Unique to Lamina Die Cams

Lamina aerial and die mount cams feature total interchangeability of components, ease of service, and off-the-shelf component availability. NAAMS cams share common slide, driver, base, and wear components that are interchangeable between aerial and die mounted cam styles. As a result, you benefit from a dramatically reduced parts inventory.