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LamCam Aerial and Die Mount Cams NAAMS Cams


NAAMS Aerial CamNAAMS Die Mount Cam

Anchor Lamina NAAMS aerial and die mount cams are a joint development effort between automotive and Lamina Engineers. Our aerial cams and die mount cams have been manufactured to meet or exceed all the NAAMS heavy duty cam requirements. These high performance, high volume production cams are available in 8 sizes, from 50 mm to 300 mm from stock. Install LamCam™ NAAMS die cams for a number of stamping die cam applications. Engineering support for cam applications is available for die builders and die designers.

Heavy Duty / High Volume NAAMS Approved LamCam™ Aerial Cam and Die Mount Cam Sizes

Slide width (mm) 50 75 125 150 175 200 250 300
Aerial Cams Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Die Mount Cams Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

See the Aerial Cams and DieMount Cams catalogs for detailed specifications and installation guidelines.

Heavy Duty / High Volume Cams Features:

  • Ease of spring replacement from back of cam; the cam base incorporates a safety restraint system to retain the slide during spring removal
  • High quality materials used throughout, including high-strength steel castings for major components
  • All wear areas are double-plated with self-lubricated wear plates to reduce maintenance and accommodate high production volumes
  • Four Return Spring Kit options are available; mechanical ISO spring, combination mechanical/nitrogen springs, nitrogen spring, and higher force nitrogen
  • Pentahedron design ensures smooth and stable slide movement on 125 through 300 Series Cams
  • Urethane bumper cushion on slide return; Optional hydraulic shock absorber available
  • Mounting/locating provisions include square keys and dowel holes
  • Meets or exceeds "NAAMS" cam requirements
  • Lockout kit installed, ready for cam installation and set up
  • Safety backup provisions for retaining keeper plates
  • Improved, super-duty accelerator system standard on 0 through 25 degree angles
  • Dual external positive return system

Return Spring Kit Options

Recognizing that different cam applications have different requirements, Lamina offers four Return Spring Kit Options:

Mechanical - Employs conventional ISO Die Spring - used in cam applications where additional stripping force is not required.

Combination Mechanical/Nitrogen - This unique Lamina design employs an ISO Die Spring in series combination with a Nitrogen Spring. This return system utilizes the mechanical spring for pre-load, keeping the initial contact forces low, while providing high final loads from the nitrogen spring for stripping.

Nitrogen - This return system provides high return spring forces for stripping. By nature of the nitrogen spring, it also has higher initial contact force than other return spring options. This higher initial contact load may result in higher wear on the cam and its accelerator system (where applicable).

Higher Force Nitrogen - Fits the standard gas spring envelope and delivers more force for stripping.

Aerial Cam Installation Tool

Be sure to order your Aerial Cam installation tool when you order your Aerial cams. The kit simplifies the installation of LamCam™ aerial cams potentially saving you time as well as effort.

See the LamCam™ Installation Tool flyer for more details.

CAD and Solid Model Files

Engineering CAD and Solid model files are available for download. Files for NAAMS Aerial and Diemount Cams are available in DXF, and STEP formats.

Component Interchangeability: Unique to Lamina Die Cams

Lamina aerial and die mount cams feature total interchangeability of components, ease of service, and off-the-shelf component availability. NAAMS cams share common slide, driver, base, and wear components that are interchangeable between aerial and die mounted cam styles. As a result, you benefit from a dramatically reduced parts inventory.