Hydraulic Power Unit Accessories

Shunt Device

Part # ASSY-21

This item is needed in applications where the power unit is powering equipment other than Lamina Drill Heads, or in cases where the magnetic base has been removed from a Lamina Drill Head. This easy to use solution screws on the end of the pendant to bypass the controls for the magnetic bases.

Hydraulic Hose Extension

Lamina provides extension hose assemblies in various lengths to extend the reach of your Lamina Drill Head. Don't see the size you need below? Custom length hoses can be manufactured. Contact your Lamina representative for a quotation. Please remember that excessive hose lengths will result in pressure loss and could change the performance of your drill head.

Pendant Control Extension

Extend the reach of your Pendant Control with our Extension Assemblies. This assembly will require some modification to your existing Pendant Cord, to accommodate the use of connectors. Connector Kit (Part # HLDR0000-0221) is also required if your pendant control cable has not been modified to accept an extension cable.

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