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Special Heavy Duty Compression Springs


springsOur heavy duty compression springs can be made custom to your requirements. Compression springs can be made to unique physical characteristics such as shaped wire, special material, and with critical tolerances. Our springs can be manufactured to military specs and can include special inspections and certified testing. Springs can be produced plain, coated, plated, and painted to your specifications.

  Minimum Maximum
Outside Diameter 3/8" (9.5mm) 3" (76mm)
Free Length ½" (12.7mm) 36" (914.4mm)
Round Wire Diameter 0.043" (1.1mm) 0.5" (12.7mm)
Rectangular Wire 0.040"x0.070" (1x1.8mm) 0.375"x0.469" (9.5x11.9mm)

Custom Springs

A custom spring is any spring that has:

  • Unique physical attributes
    • Special wire material, plating or paint
    • Custom free lengths, diameters, solid heights, rates, number of coils or custom loads at a given deflection
  • Critical tolerances
  • Specific inspection or certification requirements
    • Military specifications
    • 100% inspection of critical characteristics
  • Statistical reports
  • Computer controlled mult-point tests


manufacuring springsManufacturing Capabilities

  • Outside diameters from 3/8" to 3" (9.5mm to 76.2mm)
  • Free length from 1/2" to 36" (12.7mm to 914.4mm)
  • Round Spring wire from 0.043" to 0.500" (1.1mm to 12.7mm)
  • Standard rectangular wire up to 0.375" x 0.469" (9.5mm to 11.9mm)

Modified trapezoidal cross section of rectangular wire springs changes to a "D" cross section during coiling to achieve a low stress level that means longer spring life.


springsCoatings Available

  • Plain, no paint
  • Oiled
  • Cadmium Plate
  • Dacromet®
  • Electroless Nickel
  • Any Paint Color
  • Powder Coating
  • E-coat
  • Zinc

Spring Specials Quoting Process

  • Submit custom spring print
  • Submit application information
    • Include description of application
    • Life expectations
    • Critical dimensions, tolerances, certifications required