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EZ Fit Ball Lock Retainer Inserts

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EZ Fit Ball Lock InsertDayton EZ Fit Ball Lock Retainer Inserts give you the ability to reconfigure and custom-make retainers in-house as die specifications change. The unique single-piece teardrop shape, combined with both a straight and an angled wedge side, holds your ball lock punch securely in place. EZ Fit Inserts reduce cost and downtime - and simplify tooling changeover.

With EZ Fit Inserts you can replace a damaged punch hole but with the competitor’s round insert you cannot. A damaged punch hole means a new retainer unless you use Dayton’s EZ Fit Insert.

Build New or Modify Existing Retainers — Quickly & Easily

The Dayton EZ Fit™ Inserts provide a simple, low-cost solution to building new dies because the inserts utilize a revolutionary design that assures a positive, rigid, and more accurate fit than other inserts on the market.

One side of the insert is cut at an 8° angle to create a wedgeshape that — when combined with the teardrop shape — assures that the insertand retainer fit together as a single unit.

EZ Fit™ Inserts are also ideal for repairing or making engineering changes. When changes occur — and the location(s) of the punches in the die set change(s) — new or reconfigured retainers are required. In-house modification can slow the changeover process; often requires specialized equipment and knowledge; and the integrity of the original retainer can be compromised.

Now — with the help of the all-new Dayton EZ Fit™ Ball Lock Retainer Insert — building new or repairing/retrofitting existing retainers can be simplified and completed in-house at a fraction of the cost of replacing existing retainers!

In-House Modifications

Dayton EZ Fit™ Retainer Inserts can be used to change hole locations in Multi-Position™ Retainers, thus allowing reuse of existing retainers. The process is quick, easy, effective, and far less expensive than part replacement costs. To retrofit, simply wire cut the hole to the specified size. Wire cut EDM instructions are included with each insert, and can be downloaded below. 

Tighter Tolerances. Optimum Performance.

Dayton EZ Fit™ Inserts are designed to assure tighter, more precise tolerances than other retainer inserts.

The EZ Fit™ unique teardrop shape provides a single, tightly secured receptacle for the punch. One side of the piece (the flat side) is cut at an 8° angle to create a wedge shape. The hole in the retainer is wire cut to create a snug fit.

Wire Cut EDM

Each insert comes complete with wire cutting instructions that show recommended dimensions and tolerances for optimum performance. Wirepath information is available for download in DXF and DWG formats.

(*Light Duty Metric is discontinued. Some sizes available. Call for availability.)

CAD Data

Ready to place instantly in your design, CAD data for EZ Fit Ball Lock Retainer Inserts is available here.