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Everlast tooling sampleEVERLAST® is a state-of-the-art, *proprietary process that alters the structure of the tool steel at the molecular level, creating a metal fabricating tool typically lasting 3 to 5 times longer than an untreated tool.

It can be used in all applications, including: stainless, AHSS and UHSS, Martensitic, cold rolled, rail, boron, and others. In addition, it can be applied to a wide variety of tool types—extending the service life of the tool.

EVERLAST® is not a coating and not a heat treatment. It can be applied with or without additional secondary processes, such as coatings. It can be used with all Dayton punches, pilots, die buttons, special die sections, etc. The end result:

  • slower wear rate
  • longer tool service life
  • more consistent part quality
  • more uptime


Sharpen up!

EVERLAST® does not alter the surface appearance nor change the machinability of the metal. Dayton punches, punch products, and cutting surfaces altered from EVERLAST® are, in fact, easily resharpenable.

Severe applications

EVERLAST® can be applied in processes and applications where the primary mode of failure is chipping, micro-chipping, and/or chipping leading to wear. (See test results.)

Use with coating and other modifications

EVERLAST® is an enhancement that is independent of secondary processes, including: coating, edge modifications, and heat treatment. It can be used with virtually any tool steel grades without affecting the positive results of the conditioning or treatment of the steel.

Stamp with Confidence

Problem: Chipping
Solution: EVERLAST®

Dayton Lamina tested EVERLAST® extensively through both real world and laboratory tests—initially, to delay micro chipping in piercing tools. In addition to delaying chipping, tooling service life increased significantly, based on the stamping application.

Over an extended period, Dayton Lamina field-tested more than 1,000 tools enhanced with EVERLAST®. The following are some of the results of those tests.

perforating results perforating sample


Part: Automotive structural safety component 
Material: Boron 
Strength: 1550MPa (225KSI) 
Existing Tools: M4

drawing and ironing sample drawing and ironing sample


Part: Power train component 
Material: CRS 
Thickness: N/A 
Strength: 700MPa (102KSI) 
Existing Material/Coating: Vanadis 4 + TiCN

coining and extruding results coining and extruding sample

Coining & Extruding

Part: Flange 
Material: HSLA
Thickness: 0.153"/ 3.88mm 
Strength: 620MPa (90KSI)
Existing Tools: H13


Independent confirmation of the benefits of EVERLAST® was provided by the Ohio State University Engineering Research Center.


US Patent # 9481023
European Patent # 1985390
Mexican Patent # MX/A/2008/004014
Taiwanese Patent # I479025
Additional Patents Pending

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