Custom Cams

Although Danly IEM has a large offering of catalog cams, we realize that in today's competitive environment, a catalog cam doesn't always fit all applications.

Custom cams include

  • Cams engineered by Danly IEM specifically for your application
  • Cams machined to your design

Custom Cam Capabilities

  • Cam Design
    • Danly IEM's engineering team designs for most applications
  • Cam Manufacturing
    • Danly IEM can build your cam design
      • Machining – components up to 900mm
      • Flame hardening with minimal distortion


  • Frees up your design resources
  • Frees up your machine capacity
  • Provides the best solution for your application
  • Can improve your project scheduling
  • Saves you money as compared to in-house costs
  • Lets you focus on your core competencies
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