In-Die Tapping

In-die tapping units make secondary tapping operations unnecessary. You can form parts and tap holes from 0-1/4" (MO to M6) in the same die and reduce the cost of tapped holes up to 90%!

In-die tapping provides the following advantages and benefits:

  • Off-the-shelf ordering
  • Eliminates secondary or off-line tapping operations; form and tap in the same operation
  • Cam-operated ME tapping units designed to optimize performance in most mechanical presses
  • Compact, low profile LP tapping units with no limitations on tapping angle; tap upwards, downwards or at any angle in between
  • Provides misfeed protection against a no-hole condition
  • Cold formed tapping results in high-strength threads without chip formation
  • Easy to move from one die set to another
  • No limitation with open die height or press stroke

Learn about Rapid T.A.P. In-Die Tapping and Cam Driver Design Software.



In-Die Tapping