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Dayton Progress and MISUMI

Dayton joins Misumi

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On October 17, 2012 it was announced that Dayton Lamina Corporation, including its subsidiary PCS Company, is being acquired by MISUMI Group Inc. of Japan. This notice is to communicate to our customers and distributors how this acquisition might affect them.

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  • Our management team will continue to lead DAYTON and PCS.
  • Our distributors will continue to be our valued partners in delivering the best products and services. MISUMI management has clearly identified distribution’s valuable role in the growth and success of DAYTON.
  • Our Regional Sales Managers will continue to provide you with the best technical support in the industry together with your DAYTON distributor.
  • Our brands and nomenclature will not change. We will continue to operate under the names DAYTON PROGRESS and PCS COMPANY. There will be no change to our part numbering system or to the DAYTON call-out system for describing punches and die buttons.
  • Purchasing DAYTON and PCS products. You will continue to be able to purchase our products as you currently do. All of our relationships with our DAYTON distributors will continue.
  • We will continue to operate our manufacturing locations near you, which are located in the U.S. in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan and outside the U.S. in Canada, Mexico, Japan, Portugal, and the Czech Republic.
  • You can expect greater value from Dayton in the future. Investments in productivity and business systems will strengthen under MISUMI. We will have access to the very cost-efficient MISUMI supply chain. MISUMI and DAYTON will implement shared best practices in manufacturing and business systems. MISUMI is a very successful, rapidly growing industry leading supplier of Factory Automation products and Press Die and Mold Components, as well as other businesses.
  • Our product line will expand. In the future we will be adding to our product lines many good press die and mold component products from MISUMI. You will be able to purchase more of your requirements from DAYTON and your DAYTON distributor. We invite all customers to suggest to your DAYTON distributor or DAYTON Regional Sales Manager those products you would like to see from DAYTON in the future.
  • We will have additional products available in the future and will work closely with our DAYTON Distributor Advisory Council and customers to help identify the best new product opportunities.

NEXT STEPS. As you might imagine, most of the work in the last few months between MISUMI and DAYTON was focused on the transaction and due diligence. During this process we developed and discussed a very long list of joint opportunities and synergies, all of which need further good detailed analysis and study to convert the ideas into executable plans. As we convert these many ideas into reality, we will continually announce new products and other value-creating benefits to our customers and distributors.

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