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DayKool - Cryogenically Treated Punches for Increased Wear Resistance

DayKool™ is a unique combination of cryogenic treatment and heat treatment available on all punches and pilots. The DayKool process treats parts with liquid nitrogen vapor to a temperature of minus 300 degrees F. It is reported that treatment at this temperature not only transforms more retained austenite to martensite, but also creates metallurgical changes in the structure. The change creates a dispersion of extremely fine carbides in the martensite phase. The dispersion of carbides throughout the structure explains the improvements in tool life that have been demonstrated in various applications.

DayKool will not cause size change in the most commonly used diameters. Shank sizes over .750"/20mm can grow slightly. For this reason they must be handled separately and are priced by quote. Smaller diameters are pre-priced and add only 1 day to the standard Firm Delivery Schedule.

Consider these advantages

  • Increased wear resistance. Finely dispersed carbides provide more evenly distributed wear. The result is less sharpening time because less material needs to be removed.
  • There is no loss of wear resistance after sharpening, unlike some applications using coatings.
  • Produces a tougher product due to the release of internal stresses.
  • Longer die runs and less downtime.
  • Inexpensive.

To Order

Specify the alteration code XCR at the end of the catalog number.

Ex: VJX 50 1020 P.375 M2 XCR