Danly Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary

In 2022, Danly celebrates its 100th anniversary. The company was founded by Robert C. Danly and his son Philo H. Danly to serve diemakers and the metal stamping industry.


Danly 100


Although the first "modern" die sets were used as long ago as the late 1800s, Danly revolutionized the industry with the guide post die set. This set, so named for the feature of the pin entering the bushing to guide the punch holder to the proper position, came into its own as a result of the tremendous increase in the use of stampings to meet the urgency of production in WWI. This is the type of die set which is generally used today. When Danly was founded, however, die sets were still being produced in the tool shops of the user, or on special order at job shops.

Danly continues to set the standard for die and mold components. The Danly product line includes a wide range of guide posts, bushings, die springs, punches, wear plates, cams, in-die tapping units, and other diemakers' supplies.