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CUMSA Marking Units

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CUMSA Marking UnitFor in-die stamping numerical data on parts

Available in 4 and 6 wheel units

The CUMSA Marking Unit from Dayton Lamina features 3.8mm (.150") tall easy to read numbers to mark parts with date, part number, lot number or other numerical identifiers. Each wheel features numbers "0" thru "9" plus a blank providing multiple combinations. Available in 4 and 6 wheel configurations, it is a simple process to change the numbers in the self-contained unit.

The unit can be surface mounted in a die, mounted in a pocket, even cam mounted if you have an angular surface. Depth of penetration of the number can be adjusted by grinding or shimming the hard bottom plate of the unit. This allows for proper control of the appearance of the numbers when dealing with different materials.

The CUMSA number wheels are made of tool steel and fully hardened for a long service life. In the event a new wheel is needed, the change is a simple process.

  • Traceability for sheet metal parts
  • Available with 4 and 6 wheels
  • Quick and easy change of wheel's position without removing from the die


How to Order

Specify: Qty. Catalog #
Example: 2 UM 043642
  1 RR 180311




1 Day


Marking Unit

UM Diagram



Interchangeable Wheel


RR Diagram



Installation & Usage Instructions

To mount marking unit on a die

to mount marking unit on a die



To turn wheels

To turn wheels



To remove marking unit from the die

to remove marking unit from the die



To change a wheel

To change a wheel


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