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Versatile Precision Punches, Pilots, Die Buttons, & Retainers

Dayton Progress

Setting the Standard for Excellence

Dayton's Premier Line of Perforating Tools

  • Unyielding Quality Commitment- Increases tool life and minimizes maintenance costs
  • Superior Alignment- Better alignment means longer runs, less downtime, and better parts.
  • Precision Tolerance and Concentricity- Three times better than other punches
  • The Ultimate in Variety- A full line of standard metal stamping products in inch and metric sizes

The latest Versatile catalog is packed with products, including 80 Classified Shapes to help you save design time and money. Dayton's fast, accurate and dependable, Firm Delivery Schedule is shown on each product page. It tells you when your Versatile product will be shipped -- before you order!

Versatile Punches, Pilots, Die Buttons, and Retainers are built to exact tolerances and concentricity to provide superior alignment, better performance, longer runs, and less downtime. Dayton Versatile products are considered "top-of-the-line" by regular users, and are mainstays in heavy industries with high-demand applications, such as automotive and major appliance manufacturing.

International Catalogs:

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VersaPlus Premium High-Performance Punches

Dayton Progress

Premium High-Performance Punches & Pilots

If optimum performance is a MUST, this may be the only punch you'll ever need.

VersaPlus® Jektole, Regular, and straight punches are a premium line of precision, high-performance products that offer a full range of features and benefits to users in industries where higher-than-normal production runs occur—and where optimum performance is a MUST.

Standard features on all Dayton VersaPlus® punch products include precision concentricity between the point and the shank, resulting in better punch and die alignment. VersaPlus® products give you more standard features, increased wear resistance, less sharpening time, longer die runs, less downtime, lower maintenance costs, and exceptional value for your stamping dollar.

VersaPlus® pilots are ideal for tool designers, builders, and stampers that want the ultimate close tolerance, long lasting, accurate pilots in high production and high-strength materials. These pilots may also be used for extrusion applications.

Dayton's VersaPlus® premium product line includes: Jektole Punches (slug ejection punches); Regular Punches; Straight Punches; Pilots; and Locking Devices. Standard sizes and standard alterations are shown in this catalog within individual product sections.

View the catalog.

Ball Lock Punches, Pilots, Die Buttons, & Retainers

Dayton Progress

Quick Replacement Perforating Tools

  • Saves Time-Use where quick replacement within the press is desired
  • Vast Variety of Sizes-Inch and Metric standards give complete size availability worldwide

Highly standardized Dayton Ball Lock products are used in high volume applications where dies are large and cannot be easily removed for maintenance. The ball lock concept allows for the convenient replacement of worn punches and buttons without removing the die from the press, saving many hours of downtime. Punches and buttons are completely interchangeable, allowing quick and easy replacement.

Our True Position® Ball Lock retainers are performance proven, having been accepted by over a dozen automobile manufacturers around the world as their standard retainer.Ball Lock Retainers

Accurate punch-to-die alignment-Precise alignment maximizes punch life, reduces downtime and produces a higher quality part.

  • Only one dowel needed for round punches-Reduces machining time
  • Precision ground ball hole-assures repetitive alignment of shaped punches, even if retainer needs to be replaced.
  • True Position retainers are CAD/CAM compatible-Simplifies your die design process

Change Retainers

When change over needs to be completed in minutes not hours, check out Dayton's new Change Retainer. It's available for ball lock and head type punches. Change retainers are used where different hole patterns are required. Various hole patterns can be accomplished without the need for multiple dies. Different parts, such as right and left hand can be run in one die.

Reversible Change Retainers—for Ball Lock Punches

The BRAR Reversible Change Retainer is a unique air cylinder type change retainer that gives you the ability to change holepunching patterns quickly and easily.

The BRAR holds the punch in two different locations: one, the NAAMS™ standard location; two, 12mm closer to the front of the retainer. (See drawings for holder configurations.)

This design allows a variety of punch configurations (e.g., right- and left-hand parts); the punch holder can be quickly and easily reversed, then changed back; and lead wires (attached to the control panel) show the on/off status of the cylinder.

US Patent # 7,204,181

Learn more...


EZ Fit Ball Lock Retainer Inserts

Dayton EZ Fit Ball Lock Retainer Inserts give you the ability to reconfigure and custom-make retainers in-house as die specifications change. Click here to learn more.

International Catalogs:

Kommercial & Press Fit Punches, Pilots, Die Buttons, & Retainers

Dayton Progress

Standardized Perforating Tools

  • Highly Standardized
  • Economical

Dayton Kommercial (inch) and Press Fit (metric) products are the economical answer for basic single station and progressive dies not requiring the precision of Versatile. Punches, buttons, and retainers are highly standardized to provide maximum economy.

International Catalogs:

TuffPunch Durable, Long-Lasting Punches & Punch Blanks

Dayton Progress

Dayton's TuffPunch® offers heads-above-the-rest performance with durable, long-lasting punches and punch blanks.

TuffPunch punches and punch blanks are Kommercial quality products manufactured with thicker, larger, and 10° angled diameter heads, and are designed to reduce punch load and significantly lower failure rates when using heavy gauge and high tensile material. TuffPunch products are well-suited for high-demand industries where frequency and heavier-than-normal impact punching activity occurs and where optimum performance is required.

Unique Head Design:
All Dayton TuffPunch products are designed with a 10° angled head with a diameter equal to the shank diameter. This design allows the perforating forces to travel up from the shank and completely through the head. This eliminates the lateral shock waves that would otherwise put stress on the outer edge of the head, resulting in frequent failures - especially in heavy-duty applications. In addition, Dayton TuffPunch products are available in common shear angle configurations to reduce punch load and minimize the risk of slug pulling. Shear angle configurations include: chamfer, conical, double shear, and single shear.

TuffPunch® Retainers give you true dimensional accuracy each and every time!

Dayton True Location™ Retainers — the recognized industry standard — are now engineered for TuffPunch tooling. With all the features of the original True Location™ Retainer, this new retainer is designed to maximize the performance of your TuffPunch tooling. All TuffPunch® Retainers are available in both inch and metric sizes.


Dayton Progress

Ultimate Performance. Ultimate Value.

Everlast tooling sampleEVERLAST® is a state-of-the-art, *proprietary process that alters the structure of the tool steel at the molecular level, creating a metal fabricating tool typically lasting 3 to 5 times longer than an untreated tool.

It can be used in all applications, including: stainless, AHSS and UHSS, Martensitic, cold rolled, rail, boron, and others. In addition, it can be applied to a wide variety of tool types—extending the service life of the tool.

EVERLAST® is not a coating and not a heat treatment. It can be applied with or without additional secondary processes, such as coatings. It can be used with all Dayton punches, pilots, die buttons, special die sections, etc. The end result:

  • slower wear rate
  • longer tool service life
  • more consistent part quality
  • more uptime


Sharpen up!

EVERLAST® does not alter the surface appearance nor change the machinability of the metal. Dayton punches, punch products, and cutting surfaces altered from EVERLAST® are, in fact, easily resharpenable.

Severe applications

EVERLAST® can be applied in processes and applications where the primary mode of failure is chipping, micro-chipping, and/or chipping leading to wear. (See test results.)

Use with coating and other modifications

EVERLAST® is an enhancement that is independent of secondary processes, including: coating, edge modifications, and heat treatment. It can be used with virtually any tool steel grades without affecting the positive results of the conditioning or treatment of the steel.

Stamp with Confidence

Problem: Chipping
Solution: EVERLAST®

Dayton Lamina tested EVERLAST® extensively through both real world and laboratory tests—initially, to delay micro chipping in piercing tools. In addition to delaying chipping, tooling service life increased significantly, based on the stamping application.

Over an extended period, Dayton Lamina field-tested more than 1,000 tools enhanced with EVERLAST®. The following are some of the results of those tests.

perforating results perforating sample


Part: Automotive structural safety component 
Material: Boron 
Strength: 1550MPa (225KSI) 
Existing Tools: M4

drawing and ironing sample drawing and ironing sample


Part: Power train component 
Material: CRS 
Thickness: N/A 
Strength: 700MPa (102KSI) 
Existing Material/Coating: Vanadis 4 + TiCN

coining and extruding results coining and extruding sample

Coining & Extruding

Part: Flange 
Material: HSLA
Thickness: 0.153"/ 3.88mm 
Strength: 620MPa (90KSI)
Existing Tools: H13


Independent confirmation of the benefits of EVERLAST® was provided by the Ohio State University Engineering Research Center.


US Patent # 9481023
European Patent # 1985390
Mexican Patent # MX/A/2008/004014
Taiwanese Patent # I479025
Additional Patents Pending

EVERLAST - printable226.26 KB

DAYStrip Stripping System

Dayton Progress

Flat or Shaped Surface

Long life, high stripping force, and solid quality make DAYStrip the ideal stripper. Three different sizes are available to fit most Dayton Lamina retainers. DAYStrip strippers can be ordered semifinished (blanks) to be finished by customer.

US Patent 8,225,702; Canada Patent 2,493,763; China Patent 1,684,780; Other international patents pending.

Product Drawing


DAYStrip shapes


Three types of DAYStrip strippers are available
Retainer Punch
H H1 L1 L2
DAYStrip Type Max
The L2 blank length of 35 and 45 mm can be shortened upon request.
ART/ARTS 80 45 56.3 19 22 ••     8
ART/ARTS 90 45 66.3 19 32   ••   8
CRT 80 45 56.3 19 22 ••     8
CRT 90 45 66.3 19 32   ••   8
BRT/BRTBS 90 45 56.3 19 22 ••     8
BRT/BRTBS 100 55 66.3 19 32     •• 8


D Type Size Force N
10 UU 10 20 x 32 1579
13 UU 13 25 x 32 2246
16 UU 16 28 x 32 2713
20 UU 20 32 x 32 3345
25 UU 25 40 x 32 5710
32 UU 32 45 x 32 3630
38 UU 38 52 x 32 5260
40 UU 40 52 x 32 5260


Stripper Body

Stripper BodyUBG_A

Stripper Body
Shank Diameter
A B C F OD K M E Force
10 42 2 27.00 56 33 16 22 9 1579
13 48 2 29.97 62 38 20 27 9 2246
16 52 2 31.75 66 43 23 32 9 2713
20 60 2 33.53 73 50 30 36 9 3345
25 70 2 40.64 83 60 40 46 9 5710
32 74 2 41.14 95 68 45 50 9 3630
38 84 2 44.49 95 77 50 54 9 5260
40 84 2 44.49 95 77 50 54 9 5260


Assembly Type UBG_A with Shape
D Type Range P Type Shape
Min. W    Max. P/G
L2 L2 min.*
10 UBGXA 2.10 – 9.97 UBG_A 2.10 – 9.97 35 22
13 UBGXA 4.50 – 12.97 UBG_A 4.50 – 12.97 35 22
16 UBGXA 6.00 – 15.97 UBG_A 6.00 – 15.97 35 22
20 UBGXA 8.00 – 19.97 UBG_A 8.00 – 19.97 35 22
25 UBGXA 10.00 – 24.97 UBG_A 10.00 – 24.97 35 22
32 UBGXA 12.50 – 31.97 UBG_A 12.50 – 31.97 35 22
38 UBGXA 14.00 – 37.97 UBG_A 14.00 – 37.97 35 22
40 UBGXA 14.00 – 39.97 UBG_A 14.00 – 39.97 35 22


Assembly Type UBF_A with Shape
D Type Range P Type Shape
Min. W    Max. P/G
L2 L2 min.*
10 UBFXA 2.10 – 9.97 UBF_A 2.10 – 9.97 45 32
13 UBFXA 4.50 – 12.97 UBF_A 4.50 – 12.97 45 32
16 UBFXA 6.00 – 15.97 UBF_A 6.00 – 15.97 45 32
20 UBFXA 8.00 – 19.97 UBF_A 8.00 – 19.97 45 32
25 UBFXA 10.00 – 24.97 UBF_A 10.00 – 24.97 45 32
32 UBFXA 12.50 – 31.97 UBF_A 12.50 – 31.97 45 32
38 UBFXA 14.00 – 37.97 UBF_A 14.00 – 37.97 45 32
40 UBFXA 14.00 – 39.97 UBF_A 14.00 – 39.97 45 32


Assembly Type UBE_A with Shape
D Type Range P Type Shape
Min. W    Max. P/G
L2 L2 min.*
10 UBEXA 2.10 – 9.97 UBE_A 2.10 – 9.97 45 32
13 UBEXA 4.50 – 12.97 UBE_A 4.50 – 12.97 45 32
16 UBEXA 6.00 – 15.97 UBE_A 6.00 – 15.97 45 32
20 UBEXA 8.00 – 19.97 UBE_A 8.00 – 19.97 45 32
25 UBEXA 10.00 – 24.97 UBE_A 10.00 – 24.97 45 32
32 UBEXA 12.50 – 31.97 UBE_A 12.50 – 31.97 45 32
38 UBEXA 14.00 – 37.97 UBE_A 14.00 – 37.97 45 32
40 UBEXA 14.00 – 39.97 UBE_A 14.00 – 39.97 45 32

*Specify L2 when ordering.


Bronze-Graphite Insert

UBGX Bronze-Graphite InsertUBGX

How to Order
** L2: Bronze-Graphite Insert shorter than standard (L2 Min. Note minimum lengths)
UBGR 13 P10.0 W5.0 L2 25**
Bronze-Graphite Insert L2 = 35
D Type Range P Type Shape
Min. W    Max. P/G
L2 L2 min.
10 UBGX 2.10 – 9.97 UBG_ 2.10 – 9.97 35 22
13 UBGX 4.50 – 12.97 UBG_ 4.50 – 12.97 35 22
16 UBGX 6.00 – 15.97 UBG_ 6.00 – 15.97 35 22
20 UBGX 8.00 – 19.97 UBG_ 8.00 – 19.97 35 22
25 UBGX 10.00 – 24.97 UBG_ 10.00 – 24.97 35 22
32 UBGX 12.50 – 31.97 UBG_ 12.50 – 31.97 35 22
38 UBGX 14.00 – 37.97 UBG_ 14.00 – 37.97 35 22
40 UBGX 14.00 – 39.97 UBG_ 14.00 – 39.97 35 22


UBFX Bronze-Graphite InsertUBGX

How to Order
UBFB 13 L2 45
Bronze-Graphite Insert L2 = 45
D Type Range P Type Shape
Min. W    Max. P/G
L2 L2 min.
10 UBFX 2.10 – 9.97 UBF_ 2.10 – 9.97 45 32
13 UBFX 4.50 – 12.97 UBF_ 4.50 – 12.97 45 32
16 UBFX 6.00 – 15.97 UBF_ 6.00 – 15.97 45 32
20 UBFX 8.00 – 19.97 UBF_ 8.00 – 19.97 45 32
25 UBFX 10.00 – 24.97 UBF_ 10.00 – 24.97 45 32
32 UBFX 12.50 – 31.97 UBF_ 12.50 – 31.97 45 32
38 UBFX 14.00 – 37.97 UBF_ 14.00 – 37.97 45 32
40 UBFX 14.00 – 39.97 UBF_ 14.00 – 39.97 45 32


Retainer/Stripper Combinations
L2 Retainer Type Punch Lengths Order
35 CRT 80 UBG_
45 CRT 90 UBF_
35 BRT 90 UBG_
45 BRT 100 UBF_


EZ Fit Ball Lock Retainer Inserts

Dayton Progress

EZ Fit Ball Lock InsertDayton EZ Fit Ball Lock Retainer Inserts give you the ability to reconfigure and custom-make retainers in-house as die specifications change. The unique single-piece teardrop shape, combined with both a straight and an angled wedge side, holds your ball lock punch securely in place. EZ Fit Inserts reduce cost and downtime - and simplify tooling changeover.

With EZ Fit Inserts you can replace a damaged punch hole but with the competitor’s round insert you cannot. A damaged punch hole means a new retainer unless you use Dayton’s EZ Fit Insert.

Build New or Modify Existing Retainers — Quickly & Easily

The Dayton EZ Fit™ Inserts provide a simple, low-cost solution to building new dies because the inserts utilize a revolutionary design that assures a positive, rigid, and more accurate fit than other inserts on the market.

One side of the insert is cut at an 8° angle to create a wedgeshape that — when combined with the teardrop shape — assures that the insertand retainer fit together as a single unit.

EZ Fit™ Inserts are also ideal for repairing or making engineering changes. When changes occur — and the location(s) of the punches in the die set change(s) — new or reconfigured retainers are required. In-house modification can slow the changeover process; often requires specialized equipment and knowledge; and the integrity of the original retainer can be compromised.

Now — with the help of the all-new Dayton EZ Fit™ Ball Lock Retainer Insert — building new or repairing/retrofitting existing retainers can be simplified and completed in-house at a fraction of the cost of replacing existing retainers!

In-House Modifications

Dayton EZ Fit™ Retainer Inserts can be used to change hole locations in Multi-Position™ Retainers, thus allowing reuse of existing retainers. The process is quick, easy, effective, and far less expensive than part replacement costs. To retrofit, simply wire cut the hole to the specified size. Wire cut EDM instructions are included with each insert, and can be downloaded below. 

Tighter Tolerances. Optimum Performance.

Dayton EZ Fit™ Inserts are designed to assure tighter, more precise tolerances than other retainer inserts.

The EZ Fit™ unique teardrop shape provides a single, tightly secured receptacle for the punch. One side of the piece (the flat side) is cut at an 8° angle to create a wedge shape. The hole in the retainer is wire cut to create a snug fit.

Wire Cut EDM

Each insert comes complete with wire cutting instructions that show recommended dimensions and tolerances for optimum performance. Wirepath information is available for download in DXF and DWG formats.

(*Light Duty Metric is discontinued. Some sizes available. Call for availability.)

CAD Data

Ready to place instantly in your design, CAD data for EZ Fit Ball Lock Retainer Inserts is available here.

CUMSA Marking Units

Dayton Progress

CUMSA Marking UnitFor in-die stamping numerical data on parts

Available in 4 and 6 wheel units

The CUMSA Marking Unit from Dayton Lamina features 3.8mm (.150") tall easy to read numbers to mark parts with date, part number, lot number or other numerical identifiers. Each wheel features numbers "0" thru "9" plus a blank providing multiple combinations. Available in 4 and 6 wheel configurations, it is a simple process to change the numbers in the self-contained unit.

The unit can be surface mounted in a die, mounted in a pocket, even cam mounted if you have an angular surface. Depth of penetration of the number can be adjusted by grinding or shimming the hard bottom plate of the unit. This allows for proper control of the appearance of the numbers when dealing with different materials.

The CUMSA number wheels are made of tool steel and fully hardened for a long service life. In the event a new wheel is needed, the change is a simple process.

  • Traceability for sheet metal parts
  • Available with 4 and 6 wheels
  • Quick and easy change of wheel's position without removing from the die


How to Order

Specify: Qty. Catalog #
Example: 2 UM 043642
  1 RR 180311




1 Day


Marking Unit

UM Diagram



Interchangeable Wheel


RR Diagram



Installation & Usage Instructions

To mount marking unit on a die

to mount marking unit on a die



To turn wheels

To turn wheels



To remove marking unit from the die

to remove marking unit from the die



To change a wheel

To change a wheel


CAD Data

Form Punches and Die Buttons

Dayton Progress

Form punchesNew Point Configurations for Round Punches

Dayton Lamina is now offering a full line of "standard" form punches that offer a wide range of piercing and extruding applications. These new point configurations are available on all Dayton Lamina round punches - Versatile, Kommercial, Ball Lock, TuffPunch®, and VersaPlus®. Instead of ordering as “specials,” these new form punches can be ordered with a simple “W” designator. (See "Ordering Information" inside.) No drawings are required.

The Shape of Things to Come

Dayton Lamina now offers a full line of "standard" Form Punches that provide a wide range of piercing and forming applications.

Available on all Dayton Lamina round punches, these new point configurations are ideal for users with high-demand applications—and are easy to order. Instead of ordering as specials, requiring point configuration drawings, all Form Punches can be ordered with a simple "W" designator.

Dayton Lamina Form Punches are available on Versatile, Kommercial, Ball Lock, TuffPunch®, and VersaPlus® round punches, i.e., those designated as standard "X" shaped punches, as shown in Dayton product catalogs.

Product Applications

Form Punches are punches with specially-built point configurations that are designed to perform a variety of punch and die operations, including: extruding, countersinking, embossing, coining, dimpling, staking, drawing, and projecting. (See product pages for additional information on definitions, processes, and individual shapes.)

Manufacturing applications are virtually unlimited. All industries served by metal stamping have a need for non-cutting punches, i.e., punches that move metal without producing a slug.

The shapes shown inside are standard, but are not the only shapes Dayton provides. Others are available with a detailed drawing attached to the order.

No Drawings Required

All point configurations shown is this brochure are "standard" configurations, and require NO detailed drawing(s) of the point. This makes product specifying and ordering easier and faster!

Ordering Information

When ordering, please refer to your individual product catalog, then change the "X" designator to a "W." In addition, specify other dimensions, as shown in the example below. Specify alterations, if applicable.

In the example, the type specified is "VPW." The "VP" is from the Versatile inch catalog. "X" would typically be the third letter for a round punch. It is replaced by a "W" for Form Punch.

37 is the shank diameter; 1322 is the shank and overall length; and 2.235 is the "LA" dimension. P.1875 is the point dimension of the product, and PP.125 is the point dimension of the added point. Also, include additional dimensions, which vary from point to point.

Form Punches are available on standard punch blanks (except D2) as shown in the individual Dayton product catalogs. Form Punches other than those are available as specials: Drawings (prints) are required.

DAYLube Food Grade NanoCeramic Lubricating Grease

Dayton Progress

Highly Stable, Resilient.

Dayton's DAYLube™ NanoCeramic Lubricating Grease is a leading edge, extremely high-performance lubricant that has a wide range of industrial applications. DAYLube™ utilizes nano ceramic particles that act as sub-microscopic "bearings," providing continuous lubrication to steel surfaces. DAYLube™ gives you ten times the normal life, a much lower coefficient of friction at all temperatures, extraordinary adhesion, and higher load-bearing properties than traditional high-performance greases.

MSDS View the SDS (fka MSDS) for DAYLube.  (español)
MSDS View the DAYLube data sheet.

Product Description

DAYLube™ is a high-performance, highly stable lubricant that delivers unmatched performance, durability, and wear resistance.

DAYLube™ outlasts PTFE greases in the same applications by ten times due to its lower friction coefficient and its ability to operate at a wider range of temperatures!

Nano ceramic particles-the key component-offer a lower coefficient of friction at all temperatures.

DAYLube™ has high load-bearing properties; a low dielectric constant; does not contain metal or silicone; and is resistant to water, steam, acids, and most chemical products. All of this gives DAYLube™ greater staying power, even under intense pressure and temperatures.


  • Food Grade-NSF-H1 Food Grade certified.
  • Staying Power-extraordinary adhesion extends production to 10 times that of other greases.
  • Shear Stability-does not soften or run out. After 100,000 production strokes, shows no evidence of breaking down.
  • Operating Temperatures-operates in a normal range from 0° F to 450° F, and up to 650° F intermittently.
  • Extreme Pressure & Anti-Wear Protection-resists EP, provides exceptional stability without using lead, antimony, chlorine, zinc, barium, etc.
  • Corrosion Resistant-resists water, steam, acid, and other chemicals.
  • High Dropping Point-maintains viscosity across full temperature range.
  • Low Coefficient of Friction-lower than PTFE greases.
  • Chemically Inert-environmentally friendly.
  • Low Dielectric Constant-excellent insulator.
  • Resilient-upon cooling returns to original viscosity after reaching dropping point.

A Better Way. A Better Value.

DAYLube™ is an extraordinary, state-of-the art lubricating grease. It provides exceptional friction reduction and wear resistance, and outlasts and outperforms virtually all other lubricating greases on the market.

It is also the best value on the market today.

When compared with the price of our closest competitor (using nanotechnology), the per ounce cost for DAYLube™ is considerably lower. Also, traditional PTFE lubricants are priced lower; however, the real value can be found in comparing the real life of the lubricants and considering the additional cost of maintenance and downtime.

DAYLube™ remains on the surface longer, extending production up to ten times that of PTFE lubricants. Further, DAYLube™ has much greater shear stability than other lubricants. In laboratory and on-site tests, the change in penetration after 100,000 strokes is low-meaning the grease did not soften under shear. Both longer run times and greater shear stability mean less total product cost, less maintenance, and far less downtime for lubricating.

In addition, DAYLube™ operates in a far wider range of temperatures than traditional lubricants, making it more versatile than PTFE products. For all practical purposes, you simply cannot purchase PTFE lubricants that will operate in this wide temperature range. Also, it is environmentally friendly.

Dayton products represent the best of the best, offering both top quality and outstanding value. DAYLube™ is no exception.

Ordering Information

DAYLube™ NanoCeramic Lubricating Grease is ordered by quantity and product numbers. DAYLube is available in 16 oz. tubes, 16 oz. jars, 1 gallon or 5 gallon bucket. 16 oz. tubes and jars can be ordered individually or by the case. 

How to Order
Product # Description
NLGF16 16oz. Tube
NLGF192 Case (dozen 16oz. Tubes)
NLGF16J 16oz. Jar
NLGF192J Case (dozen 16oz. Jars)
NLGF128 1 Gallon/7# Tub
NLGF640 5 Gallon/35# Pail



Nanotechnology involves the development of materials, devices, and processes at the molecular level. In recent years, scientists have learned to fabricate molecules based on individual, task-specific designs. Today, nanotechnology is being used more and more to develop new, better, and more cost-effective products. One of those products is DAYLube™.

DAYLube™ - The Ultimate in Machine Lubrication

Key components in DAYLube™ are nano ceramic "bearings" that have an affinity for steel, and provide continuous lubrication at the surface. These are fabricated over a calcium sulfonate thickener within a mid-viscosity petroleum-based paste.

ASTME 4-Ball Weld Test

In laboratory tests, DAYLube™ performed extremely well over both standard greases and other so-called "high-performance" lubricants. The following criteria were used:

  • 3 ball bearings submerged in grease
  • 500kg pressure applied to center bearing
  • center ball bearing spun at 10,000 rpm
  • 10 seconds with "no weld" passing grade

In standard grease tests, results showed an instant weld and catastrophic failure of all 4 bearings. In tests with competitive brands, a soft weld occurred after 2 seconds, and there was a complete failure and major damage to all bearings.

Tests with DAYLube™ showed no weld after 10 seconds and minimal damage to all ball bearings.

DAYLube grease sample Ordinary grease sample
DAYLube Ordinary Grease

Test Results

Grease Property Grease Standards Test Results Performance Benefit
Shear Stability ASTM D 217
Multi-stroke Penetration The lower the % change, the more mechanically stable the grease
286 Grease won't thin out and break down, won't require frequent lubricating.
ASTM D 1831 Roll Stability
The lower the % change, the more mechanically stable the grease
Oxidation Resistance ASTM D 942 Bomb Oxidation
Measures the oxidative life of the grease. The lower the % the better the oxidation resistance.
9% Reduced deposit, varnish, or lacquer build-up on bearing or journal surface.
ASTM D 3527 Wheel Bearing Life
The higher the hours, the longer the grease will last in high-temperature applications.
Water Resistance ASTM D 1264 Water Washout
The lower the %, the less likely grease will wash out.
Extreme Load & Anti-Wear ASTM D 2596 Four-Ball (Weld Point)
Point contact, similar to ball bearings; the higher the #, the greater the load carrying ability, grease will stay in place longer.
620 The ability of grease to handle extreme pressures and resist wear.
ASTM D 2266 Four-Ball (Wear Scar)
Measures the wear scar, the lower the #, the more protection.
ASTM D 2509 Timken Method
Line contact, similar to roller bearings; the higher the #, the greater load carrying.
Corrosion ASTM D 1743 Rust Test (Static)
Determines how well the grease keeps water and corrosives away from the metal surface. 1A being the highest.
1A How well a grease can protect the metal surface from corrosion.
ASTM D 130 Copper Corrosion
Measures the ability of the grease to protect yellow metals.
Service Temperature ASTM D 2265 Dropping Point
Measures the temperature that the soap in the grease melts at; this is used to help determine the upper operating temperature range.
600 The temperature at which the grease turns to a liquid.


DAYLube™ can be used in all types of applications from general purpose to extreme pressure and temperature environments even in areas where incidental food contact may occur.

Applications include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Bearings
  • Bushings
  • Cables
  • Cams
  • Chains
  • Conveyors
  • Gears
  • Lifters
  • Machine Parts
  • Robotics
  • Rods
  • Slides
  • Wear Plates

Industries Served

  • Aerospace
  • Agricultural
  • Automotive
  • Can Makers
  • Consumer Goods
  • Food Processing
  • General Manufacturing
  • Marine
  • Material Handling
  • Medical / Scientific
  • Motorsports / Racing
  • National Defense
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Stamping & Fabricating
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Thread Form Punch & Die Button Units

Dayton Progress

For Type A, B, AB, & C Metal Screws

Single-step, in-die process provides exceptional holding power.

  • Cost-effective.
  • Creates superior self-locking system.

Dayton Thread Form Punch & Die Button Units offer you a single-step method for punching and forming threads. Dayton Thread Form works by punching the hole, lancing the material, and cutting a helical spiral in the material to form the proper thread helix for the desired type of metal screw. Thread Form creates a complete self-locking fastening system that holds the screws more tightly with metal tension - thereby reducing vibration, cutting assembly costs, and increasing productivity

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