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Guided Retainers from Lamina


Guided Retainers

Traditional RetainersLamina Guided Retainers are precision guide pin & bushing/retainer assemblies that occupy much less space in the die than traditional pin and retainer combinations.

Guide and retain the pad or stripper plate in progressive stamping dies, or use on stock rails and stock dies with a lifter plate. Lamina Guided Retainers reduce machining cost and save space within your die.

Lamina's advanced design offers the following features:

Tight Assembly Tolerances

  • Superior guiding, with the same assembly clearance as traditional pins and bushings
  • Greater positional accuracy

Strength at the Pad

  • Accomplished with steel retaining clips
  • No SHCS threaded into the pin

Strength at the Pin Head

  • Unique one piece construction

Bronze Graphite-Plugged Bushing

  • Longer life
  • Self lubricating
  • No galling

Greater Static Shear Load

  • Assembly
  • Pin Head
  • Pin Pad Fastening End

Optional Mounting of Bushing

  • Can be mounted on either side of the plate for additional clearance, solving design issues
  • Greater strength

Lamina Guided Retainers are available in 3 pin diameters, ranging in 1/8 inch increment lengths from 3.50 to 16.00 inches. Two bushing lengths are offered for each pin diameter.

Example installations

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Plain Bearing Components


Die Components

A complete line of die pins and die bushings with over 1,000 product items are available. Bushings are available in the following material choices: bronze plated steel , bronze, bronze self-lubricating and steel. Class 1, class 2 and class 3 fit tolerances are available. Bushings are available in sizes to accommodate pins of up to 5 inch (125 mm) diameter and 60 inches (1470 mm) in length.

Die Components include shoulder bushings, guide bar bushings, precision bearings, running fit bushings, straight type guide pins, shoulder type guide pins, removable type guide pins, stripper guide pins and bushings, NAAMS guide bushings, NAAMS pad bushings, NAAMS guide posts, demountable guide pins, and metric short/standard/long/extra long guide pins.

See the Round Die Products catalog for complete specifications.

Mold Pins and Bushings

Self Lubricating Die and Mold Bushings

Lamina's mold pins and bushings catalog features shoulder bushings, straight bushings, ejector bushings and leader pins. Bushings are available in bronze plated, hardened steel, self lubricated styles in both metric and imperial sizes. Precision-ground steel leader pins are available in both imperial and metric sizes.

See the Round Mold Components catalog for specifications.

Special Pins and Bushings

Manufactured Special Pins, Posts and Bushings

If one of Anchor Lamina's standard pins or bushings is not suited to your application, we can manufacture a special to meet your exact needs. We offer a two-week turnaround on made-to-order special pins and bushings. Our ball-bearing retainers and flat wear and guide components can also be supplied as specials. See our Specials Capabilities flyer for more details.

Surface Mount Ball Bearing Assemblies


Surface Mount Ball Bearing Assemblies

Surface Mount Ball Bearing Assemblies are a low cost alternative ball bearing component assembly and offer you another option in your die build procedure. These assemblies are available in 32 mm, 38 mm, 50 mm and 60 mm diameters, with lengths ranging from 100 mm to 350 mm, depending on diameter.

See the Surface Mount Ball Bearing Assemblies catalog for specifications, product selection, and operating data.

Ball Bearing Guiding Systems: Inch and Metric


As the premier die components manufacturer, we offer an extensive line of catalog guide posts and bushings in both plain bearing and ball bearing styles, available for immediate delivery.

The ball bearing system includes press fit and demountable guide posts, press fit sleeve and demountable bushings as well as ball cages. The ball bearing guide posts are manufactured from hardened steel to assure free rolling of balls and high wear resistance. Each post is drilled and tapped at the bottom for mounting of the ball cage washer assembly. This unique mounting method permits the ball cage, except when under preload, to freely rotate 360° around the guide post thus eliminating scoring or tracking of the guide post surface. The ball bearings are arranged in the cage in a spiral pattern which also minimizes tracking or grooving and assures uniform wear.

Plain Bearing Components


As the premier die components manufacturer, we offer an extensive line of catalog guide posts and bushings in both plain bearing and ball bearing styles, available for immediate delivery.

Our plain bearing guide posts are available in press fit, demountable and removable styles. The press fit and demountable styles are available in commercial and precision series. Precision guide posts are hardened, ground and hard chrome plated to provide an exceptionally smooth, hard wearing surface as well as providing resistance to corrosion, less friction and maintenance of close working fits.

Our plain bearing bushings are available in press fit and demountable styles and are equipped with figure 8 oil grooves and lubrication fittings. Our demountable bushings are available in three profiles, standard, short and extra long shoulder to give optimum flexibility in die set design. The bushings are also available in steel, bronze, bronze-plated and self-lubricating materials and are ideally suited for running with commercial and precision posts. All demountable bushings are pre-fitted to the same diameter guide posts to ensure that the bushings and guide posts of the same diameter are completely interchangeable.

Demountable posts and bushings are tap fit into location and seat flush with the ground face of the punch holder or die shoe. They are held in place with toe clamps and screws which provide perfect alignment of the post and bushing with the bore perpendicular to the ground surface of the punch holder or shoe. The clamp and screws provide four times the holding power compared to pressed-in components, yet they can be easily removed and assembled thus simplifying die building and maintenance.

Ball Bearing Guiding Systems: Inch and Metric


Ball-Bearing Components

Standard Ball-Bearing Components

Ball Bearing Components Pins and BushingsA complete line of ball-bearing components in both imperial and metric sizes is available. Stock bushing and retainer sizes are available to accommodate pins of up to 3 inch diameter and 20 inches in length. Lamina ball-bearing retainers are made from a heat treated aluminum alloy that combines lightness and strength. Ball-bearings are placed in retainers in an off-line radial pattern that offers optimum life in high or low speed presses.

Lamina has over 750 ball-bearing components to choose from in inch and metric sizes. The Ball-Bearing Products catalog includes ball-bearing retainers, straight sleeve bushings, demountable shoulder bushings, straight guide posts, and demountable guide posts.

See the Ball-Bearing Products catalog for specifications and operating data.

Ball Scrub for Pins and Bushings

Try Lamina Ball-Lube™ and Ball-Scrubb™. Lamina Ball-Lube™ and Ball-Scrubb™ will keep your ball-bearing guide pin assemblies operating efficiently. Lamina Ball-Scrubb™ removes heavy soils, dirt and grease from ball-bearing guide pin assemblies. Ball-Lube lubricates assemblies and gives them longtime protection against wear, oxidation and heat. Lamina Ball-Lube and Ball-Scrubb™ are available in 1 pint spray bottles, 1 gallon and 5 gallon quantities.

See the Ball-Bearing Products catalog for part numbers.

Lempcoloy Plain Bearing Bushings


These unique hard coated aluminum bushings have the surface hardness of case hardened steel. An electrochemical process is used to increase the corrosion resistance of the bushings. As a result of this Hard Anodized process, they are also non-conductive, so they may be used for electrical discharge machining. They have a hard surface that is highly resistant to wear and not subject to magnetization. These bushings are for clean room and EDM applications and should not be used in any stamping operation wherein a lot of contaminants are generated.

Lempcoloy® bushings do not require lubrication and therefore are not provided with the conventional figure-eight oil grooves and fittings. While these bushings do not require lubrication, we recommend you apply a light mist of spindle oil prior to assembly and spray lightly prior to each press run.

Lempcoloy® bushings are designed to be installed by tap fitting to seat flush with the ground surface of the punch holder. They are assembled with toe clamps and screws. These bushings must not be pressed in or honed. These Lempcoloy® bushings will work well when used with Lamina plain bearing guide posts.

  • Unique bearing material with exceptional wear resistance
  • Hardness rating 60 - 70 on the Rockwell C Scale
  • Self lubricating thus useable in applications where lubrication would cause contamination
  • Non-corrosive, not subject to magnetization and also dielectric
  • Excellent heat resistance with very low thermal conductivity and expansion

Surface Mount Ball Bearing Assemblies


Lempco now offers Surface Mount Ball Bearing Assemblies, a new low cost alternative added to our die components guiding system product line. This component assembly is mounted directly to the die holder and punch holder rather than the conventional method. Complete assemblies will include the necessary mounting bolts and dowel pins required for installation. Optional tapped mounting holes are available to secure Stroke End Blocks.

Surface Mount Ball Bearing Assemblies are available as stand-alone assemblies or can be mounted to your machined-to-order die set by your die set builder.

Plain Bearing Guiding Systems: Inch and Metric


Lempco provides high-speed, precision ball bearing components. In order to support our Lempco Plain Bearing line of die sets, we offer Lamina style Plain Bearing posts and bushings.

  • Pins: straight, demountable, shoulder styles
  • Bushings: short shoulder, long shoulder, extra long shoulder, sleeve, press fit, bosses, tap fit, steel, bronze, bronze plated, precision styles.

Ball Bearing Guiding Systems: Inch and Metric


LEMPCO is a recognized leader in providing quality ball bearing components:

  1. Rotainer® designed ball cage that minimizes tracking.
  2. Precision Rotainer® and retainer that provides accuracy and repeatability in high speed applications.
  3. Quality pins and bushings are made from 52100 tool steel and are precision ground.

Pins: 52100 tool steel - straight, demountable, shoulder styles.

Bushings: 52100 tool steel - straight, demountable, shoulder styles.

Lempco Rotainer® - Precision Ball Retainers

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