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Standard catalog products can be customized with a variety of alterations. Here are a few common alterations:

Shear Angles can be applied to all punch points. These angles are used primarily to reduce slug pulling. Single and Double Shears can be used to reduce the punching force as well as minimize slug pulling.
Dayton's leading-edge coatings and other unique surface treatments have been developed to improve inplant performance by increasing tool hardness and wear resistance.
Tapered relief Versatile die buttons provide maximum die life and maintain excellent slug control. Versatile standard die buttons have a taper of .25 degree per side. There are times when more taper is desirable. More taper provides better evacuation of the slug when punching soft material.
DayKool™ is a unique combination of cryogenic treatment and heat treatment available on all punches and pilots.
Dayton Slug Control is a method of reducing the risk of slugs being pulled to the die surface during withdrawal of the punch. It has no effect on hole size and will not require any changes in your regrind practices. Dayton Slug Control is effective throughout the life of the die buttons.