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About Dayton Lamina


Dayton Lamina Corporation is a MISUMI Group Company

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Dayton Lamina produces tools for metal stamping, forming and plastic molding. MISUMI also produces Factory Automation products and components.


The merger of Dayton Progress and Anchor Lamina is designed to greatly improve the customer experience.  Many of the changes and actions have already been completed.  There are 3 phases to the merger process.

  1. Consolidation of the sales organization, HR, IT and Accounting has been completed with single leader of each department to ensure a consistent, unified strategy and direction for the Dayton Lamina business and brands.
  2. Consolidation of telephone and enterprise systems has been completed that now enables Dayton Lamina, with multiple locations, to operate more efficiently as a single business.
  3. Consolidation of Customer Service, Quoting, Order Entry, and Accounts Payable is in-process.  We anticipate this process will take a number of months to complete in order to reduce the potential for disruption for our customers and realize the planned synergies.


Chairman – Takaaki Wada
Vice Chairman – Michael Purchase
President of North America Division – David Turpin
VP Finance & CFO – Randy Wissinger
VP IT & CIO – Barbara Lipps
VP Human Resources – Rosemary Domansky
President of Europe Division – Frederick Wilkinson
VP Anchor Lamina Asian Business Development and Operations – Brian Taylor
President – PCS Company – David Cataldi