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Part Information
MaterialAISIGage or Thickness
ConditionSAETemper or Hardness
ASTMType of Lubrication

Hole Characteristics

Shape: RoundElongated RoundRectangle/SquareSpecial

Tolerance: inchmm

Allowable Burr Height: inchmm

Use: ClearanceFitTapping

Punch Description

Material: Hardness:

Style: HeadedBall Lock

Type: PlainSlug Ejector

Shank Dia inchmm
Point Size inchmm

Point Length: inchmm

Guided in Stripper: YesNo

Hardened Backing Plate: YesNo

If 'Yes', Hardness:

Matrix Description
Material: Hardness:

Style: HeadedHeadlessBall Lock

Relief: TaperC'bore

Size: OD inchmmID inchmm

Straight Land Length: inchmm

Die Description
Construction: SimpleCompoundProgressive Other

Stripper: Spring-loadedBridge (Solid)Other

Hits Between Grinds:

Parts per Grind:

Punch to Matrix:
inchmm %
TotalPer Side

Punch into Matrix: