In-Die Tapping Unit ME1024 Series for Mechanical Presses

The ME1024 is a simple and compact In-Die Tapping tool for tapping downward in a mechanical press. The ME1024 utilizes a cam driver to control tool acceleration. The ME will tap sizes #0-#10 or up to M5 and typically runs at production rates between 60-100 strokes per minute (SPM) up to a maximum 200 SPM depending on strip material, thickness, tap size and tap pitch.

The cam driver is designed as a separate functional piece to maximize die design flexibility and transfer the inherent sinusoidal motion of the press into a rotary motion for tapping. The cam driver mounts easily on a punch plate or upper die shoe above the tapping tool. The cam driver is application specific and can be manufactured by using the free "Rapid TAP" CAD design software.

By utilizing multiple tools in place of one special tapping tool, you can control flexibility in the stamping operation and greatly reduce downtime due to unscheduled maintenance.

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