In-Die Tapping Unit LP25M6 and LP516M8 Series for Mechanical Presses

The LP is the most versatile of our mechanical In-Die Tapping tools with a simple and compact design capable of tapping in any direction. The LP units utilize a cam driver to control tool acceleration and tap speeds. The LP25M6 will tap size #0 - 1/4 or M6 and the LP516M8 will tap 1/4" - 5/16" or M8 while making either right or left-hand threads. The LP typically runs at production rates between 20-60 strokes per minute (SPM) up to a maximum of 100 SPM depending on strip material, thickness, tap size and tap pitch.

The cam driver is designed as a separate functional piece to maximize die design flexibility and transfer the inherent sinusoidal motion of the press into a rotary motion for tapping. The cam driver mounts easily on a punch plate on the upper die shoe above the tapping unit to provide the proper amount of tap acceleration and a positive return. The cam driver is application-specific and can be manufactured by using the free "Rapid TAP" CAD design software.

Multiple standard tools can be used in place of a special multi-head tapping tool to add flexibility and greatly reduce downtime.

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