Posi-Bend High Production Bender

Highest rated production bender

  • Custom Lengths up to 24" for series 62 & 100 - Custom Lengths up to 36" for series 150, 200, 250, and 300
  • Rockers are 87° angles and are made from S-7 tool steel – fully hardened to Rc 54 minimum
  • Saddles are A-2 tool steel - fully hardened to Rc 48-52 with coated saddle bore for lubricity & wear resistance – includes a Zerk fitting and a grease groove in the saddle to add grease
  • All DLH benders come with mounting holes – sizes shown in table
  • For side profile dimensions, please see Figure 1 on page 6 (DLI & DLH side profile are the same)


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