LamCam 50mm (90mm Wide Face) Aerial Cam

  • Ease of spring replacement from back of cam; the cam base incorporates a safety restraint system to retain the slide during spring removal
  • High quality materials used throughout, including high-strength steel castings for major components
  • All wear areas are double-plated with self-lubricated wear plates to reduce maintenance and accommodate high production volumes
  • Four Return Spring Kit Options are available: mechanical ISO spring, combination mechanical/nitrogen springs, nitrogen spring and higher force nitrogen
  • Urethane bumper cushion on slide return; optional hydraulic shock absorber available
  • Mounting/locating provisions include both square keys and dowel holes
  • Meets or exceeds all of "NAAMS" cam requirements
  • Lockout kit installed, ready for cam installation and set up
  • Safety backup provisions for retaining keeper plates
  • Improved, super-duty accelerator system standard on 0° through 25° angles
  • Dual external positive return system
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