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Click here for more information35 New Point Configurations for Round Punches
Dayton Progress is now offering a full line of "standard" form punches that offer a wide range of piercing and extruding applications. These 35 new point configurations are available on all Dayton Progress round punches - Versatile, Kommercial, Ball Lock, TuffPunch®, and VersaPlus®.

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Click here to view a copy of the ISO certificate.Dayton Progress Receives ISO 9001:2008 Certification
Dayton Progress Corporation is certified ISO 9001:2008. The ISO certification exemplifies Dayton's continued commitment to enhance customer satisfaction through quality management practices and standards.

This certification by no means represents the end of the process, rather it strengthens our resolve to keep raising the bar on customer service. Achieving ISO 9001:2008 certification validates Dayton's continued commitment to global quality and complete customer satisfaction.

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Dayton Awarded for Excellence in Exporting
Dayton Progress Corporation was presented with the Governor's Excellence in Exporting Award ("E" Award) on July 22, 2002 by Ohio Governor Bob Taft. Established in 1985, the "E" Award recognizes companies that have increased sales volume through exports, increased Ohio-based employment as a direct result of export activity, or developed and implemented a strategy to expand their international sales.

Export Ohio logoAdditional information about the Governor's Excellence in Exporting Award can be found at:

DAYTools CDDAYToolsTM Design Software
DAYTools simplifies die design for a broad range of CAD applications and is compatible with ACIS®, HPGL, IGES, DXF, AutoCAD®, Catia® Solid E, Pro/Engineer®, I-DEAS®, and Unigraphics file formats.

DAYTools is a parameter-driven design tool that allows you to view and select products, specify dimensions, view in 3D, and export to your design application.

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SMARTStrip Urethane StrippersSMARTStripTM Urethane Strippers
Dayton Progress introduces SMARTStripTM hard face / dual durometer urethane strippers. These strippers are ideal for: thin or painted material, short runs, piercing on angles or complex contours, ...and any application where using a metal spring stripper is problematic or just not cost effective.

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The Ball Lock System
Dayton Progress True-Position Retainers
Cover of Ball Lock System BookletThis illustrated booklet describes the features, benefits, and value of working with True-Position Ball Lock Punch & Matrix retainers. A comparison of End & Square Retainers with Backing Plates is covered, along with the inherent problems associated with these products.

Through the years ball lock components have been continually refined to improve precision and reliability. The most significant improvement was the introduction of the backing plug with in-line primary dowel. This change eliminated the need for a backing plate. Backing Plugs along with many other features introduced by Dayton Progress are discussed in the program.

Birth of a Hole
Perforating Basics
Birth of a Hole CoverThe dynamics of the perforating process is often considered to be a simple two step process of driving a punch through a piece of sheet steel and then withdrawal of the punch form the hole.

There are in fact six steps to perforating a hole. Each step contains elements critical to the overall process. An understanding of these steps will assist in the selection of die construction, tool steels, and punch to die clearance.
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Change Retainer Change Retainer Picture

A new retainer for ball lock and head type punches allows different hole patterns to be produced in one die—without costly downtime. An air cylinder attached to the retainer activates a slide that holds the punch in place. Upon retracting the slide the punch moves up out of the way when a hole is not needed in that location.

There is no need to insert your hands into the press. The retainers can be activated from a control panel. The switches to direct the air could be laid out on the panel in the same pattern as the desired holes for ease of operation. It is much safer than other methods.

Reversible Change Retainers—for Ball Lock Punches

The BRAR Reversible Change Retainer is a unique air cylinder type change retainer that gives you the ability to change holepunching patterns quickly and easily.

The BRAR holds the punch in two different locations: one, the NAAMS™ standard location; two, 12mm closer to the front of the retainer. (See drawings for holder configurations.)

This design allows a variety of punch configurations (e.g., right- and left-hand parts); the punch holder can be quickly and easily reversed, then changed back; and lead wires (attached to the control panel) show the on/off status of the cylinder.

US Patent # 7,204,181

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Slug Control

Slug Control System

Want complete slug control? Tired of picking slugs off the top of the die? This slug control system is available on all Dayton matrixes...

With our Slug Control System there is:

  • No more time-consuming diemaker treatments.
  • No more punch breakage.
  • No more marks on parts.
  • No more downtime.
  • No more wasted material.
  • No more lost man hours.

This method of controlling slugs is so dependable it has an unconditional guarantee!

Use Dayton Slug Control in a stamping die now pulling slugs. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, we will refund the full cost of the slug control alteration.

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